Tanta Roba!!

We moved house!

I actually can’t believe it! After two months of intense flat searching, slimy agents, nerve-wrecking viewings, a last-minute denial of our dream flat, a new flatmate, compromises and loads of change of plans we finally did it!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I write to you from our new flat in Willsden Green! 😀

Yesterday in the morning we left our beloved flat in Stratford.

Good-bye view to the Archelor Mittal Orbit and the tube station, bye to the skyscarper right in front of our building that in the morning reflected the sunlight directly to our living room, good-bye quicksand sofa, where once you sat down you never got up again, bye-bye to the fireplace that didn’t work but was a perfect display for our useless knick-knack. And good-bye to our amazing flatmates we not only shared a roof with in the last year, but also a lot of lovely dinners, midnight-conversations, excursions, frustration and frustration-coping, creative projects, film nights and much more!
*hach* I’m not gonna lie, it was definitely a hard farewell! But as Gonzo said: it’s not the flat you gonna miss, it’s the memories you made there. And he’s right.


The morning was sunny and super windy. It was almost as if spring decided to help us by blowing half of our things himself to the new flat.
I can’t believe how much stuff we ended up with actually! I partly blame my genes; by being a Zopf I am predestined to hoarding. I just like to accumulate stuff, covering all my sins by calling it “making a home”. On the other hand I have to stress that we were the last ones leaving the flat and therefore had to take care of everything that was left.

We packed all our things (thank you Gonzo for towing all my heavy boxes!) into a lovely yellow van, driven by a nice Spanish guy and off we went to our new amazing flat – full of Spaniards, by the way! 😉
(I’m gonna be the only not-Spanish/Austrian person there. But I see it more as a positive thing: by the end of the year I’ll be fluent in Spanish and make the prefect tortilla!)


The day was very stressful and until the end I was very tense, with my emotions shifting from sadness because of the good-bye to happiness and excitement to a little anxiety and back to being relaxed. Uff!

So here we are, out of noisy, hectic, well-connected and grey Stratford to peaceful, green, super British Willsden Green!
Let a new chapter of London begin!

XX, Angie


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