Pasqua con chi vuoi :)

Over Easter Gonzo and me went to Italy to rompere un po`il cazzo di Andrea.

We spent six marvelous days in Caserta, near Napoli, eating, drinking, seeing friends and eating some more!

What can I say, guys? It’s Italy and as you know, Italy for me is always fantastic! The only thing that wasn’t quite so good was the weather 😛 Out of six, we only had four sunny days. But boh! who cares? We had a good time anyways!

Andrea took us around to see the most beautiful places, including the narrow streets of Napoli, Casertavecchia, the royal palace and most of all the royal gardens (very beautiful also in the rain 😉 ) and we went to see our friends form CindemadaMare. Andreas mum cooked for us every day and we spent Easter the Italian way (= eat the whole day) and on Monday after easter went to a Pasquetta grigliata (= eat even more!). We had cornetto and caffé, gelato and dolcetti, penne con cozze, bruschetta, taralli, pizza marghertia in the pizzeria where it was invented, and so much more!

Being in Italy was super relaxing. I feel like we truly deserved it after the last couple of weeks full of craziness and stress. When we came back to London last Wednesday, I felt like we’ve been away for at least two weeks. And guess what? It’s spring now even in the UK *yay*

I hope you get super jealous watching my glorious pictures!! 😀

Tanti baci,



One thought on “Pasqua con chi vuoi :)

  1. Tanti baci, cara mia! Thank you for sharing your glorious pictures with us!
    Yes, I’m super jealous but I’m happy with you!

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