So we went to buy a bed…

I knew that moving house would mean going to Ikea eventually and I was really looking forward to it! 😀

IkeaCollage_ITo be honest, I don’t really know why going to Ikea makes me so happy. I just have that lovely memory of our family going there when my sister and I were little. It used to be almost like a day trip, with my parents making a long list and my mum measuring all the rooms before.

Anyway, last Friday the day had finally come! After work I went to pick up Gonzo at home and off we went to the biggest distributor of Swedish meatballs and furniture. We feasted on Kötbullar and then went on the hunt for the perfect bathroom-shelf, an affordable bed and tried to sneak past the candles, kitchen accessories and picture frames without loading with too many unnecessary things. 😉

IkeaCollage_IIAt this point I want to stress that I was particularly well prepared and equipped with a tape measure and a map of our bathroom measures taken by me the night before, leading us to the find the perfect fit for that 20 cm slot with a GNEDBY shelf. As for the bed, I have to say that it actually freaked me out a little to buy a double bed. I mean, that’s a super grown-up thing to do!! But I got over it eventually and practicality won. Now we proudly own our first ever self-bought FJELLSE double bed.
I also want to point out, that it wasn’t only me who gathered all that small knick-knack when we crossed the basement. Gonzo fell in love with a casserole dish and insisted on a cake tin (he’s invading my territory), whereas I went for candles (obviously!) and a flower pot 🙂

We arrived back home quite late, but still started to assemble things straight away. The bed we kept for the next morning though. The best comes last!

XX, Angie


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