How to be a design hipster

OK, are you ready for an eye-opening, perception-changeing revelation? – Here we go:

While working at CDW last week, I had a particular high interaction rate with the not-as-rare-as-commonly-believed and very creative species of design students, artists, designers and professionals.
It is widely known, that the social behaviour of the common designer is very much based on vestmental communication. In order to be acknowledged by its fellow tribe and allowed to participate in its rites, a designer has to show certain optical recognition features.

I know, doesn’t sound very spectacular so far, but hold on… here’s the interesting part: Due to my brilliant observing skills I therefore think I am now in the perfect position to say: I broke the code on how to have that ultimate “Now way I’d ever be a hipster, I study art!”-style.

Just follow my simple instructions and soon you’ll too rock that “I am actually busy working on my new collection” look!

list 1t: optional items, pick 5

  • kimono
  • beard (long)
  • culottes
  • bomber jacket
  • strange headpiece
  • geometric hair cut
  • (washed-out) coloured hair
  • crop top
  • be dressed head to toe in black
  • black leather backpack
  • bow tie
  • multiple and layered rings
  • old-fashioned braided hair-do
  • bold lipstick colour
  • bulky sunglasses
  • canvas bag with random quote on it
  • blazer in neon colour
  • plastic rain coat
  • (multiple) facial piercings
  • jeans jacket
  • t-shirt printed with the poster of an iconic movie
  • high-waisted jeans

list 2: compulsory items

  • at least one portable Apple product
  • plateau sandals
  • bare legs/belly button despite rain and wind
  • aura of confidence and “I don’t give a damn”
  • 1 to 5 mind- and style-like followers (the common designer likes to travel in smaller flocks)


Tha-daa, you’ve got it baby! Throw everything together very carefully and enjoy your new designer outfit!

Your new style guru,

XX Angie

PS: here’s my personal attempt (don’t judge me, I’m still a beginner 😉 )



CDW 2015

Uff! Today’s my first free day after a long and exhausting but very good week!

Once more my internship allowed me to participate in a big design event in London, namely the Clerkenwell Design Week 2015.

Monday we spent the whole day in the office, prepared everything and got ready for a week of ‘field work’ and the rest of the week we spent on-site in Clerkenwell, as TOTO and Tania Johnson, two of the clients of Industry Publicity, were amongst the exhibitors.

I can’t say that I have a lot of experience with design shows and exhibitions, but I really liked what I’ve seen so far!
The locations of CDW were absolutely amazing: an old Victorian prison, a church, a crypt and an old warehouse have been transformed into exhibiting spaces and venues! My favourite was definitely the prison. The whole venue was underground. It’s entrance was small and almost hidden from the walkway, but as soon as you got down you literally entered a prison. The cells have been filled with the works of young designers, everything was lit and heated properly  and they even managed to install a small café in there, but as nice and creative it all was – it definitely creeped me out a little.


I really enjoyed having a walk around and having a look at the work of the international designers. The exhibits ranged from furniture and lighting to homeware, wallpaper and rugs. Here are some works I liked particularly:


Falling chairs in slo-mo, a colourful pavilion that made the grey sky appear pink, artists that paint the wallpaper of their stand, creative lamps and flower-chandeliers, felt curtains  and DIY lamps…

Overall it was a really cool experience and I absolutely appreciate that Julienne and Emma took me along to CDW! Also now I feel like somehow I have a (hint of an) opinion on design. 🙂

yours very creatively,

Angie XX

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Last Monday a bunch of crazy Spaniards and I went to the Streets of Spain food market for some Spanish-ish tapas, Churros and Sangria. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time, but we managed to have a walk amongst the food stalls and queue for some Churros *hmm* 😀

I clearly remember going to the market last year with Gonzo (see here). When I found out about the event, I really wanted to go there and I was over the moon with all the exotic (for me) Spanish food.
This year however, the market wasn’t anything new to us. We already knew what to expect and how expensive the tapas and vino were going to be. (It was still nice though!) What I’m trying to say is that by now I feel like things in London start to repeat themselves. The same happened with St. Patrick’s Day, the BAFTAs and the time around Christmas. When we first came here, the Christmas season in London was all new to us. We enjoyed the sparkling lights, discovering markets and ice rinks and the big seasonal sections in the department stores. This year I knew about these things already.
Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy everything and sometimes the knowledge even helps me to show around my friends and to better navigate in the city. But somehow, somehow I get the feeling I know London by now.

Sometimes it feels good, like I get to ‘own’ London little by little, but there are some days when it just makes me think about my next destination.
But then again, there is always something new to discover in London. 🙂

“Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
Samuel Johnson

XX, Angie

a girl’s day out

So let’s just say that last Thursday I had a bit of a rough start in the day. But you know as they (aka my mum) always say ‘focus on the good things’? Exactly!  And everything got significantly better as in the afternoon Maria and I went to meet up with Myriam, who was stopping over in London. 🙂

We used to work with Myriam in Byron, but then she went back to Spain to do a masters degree in fashion, and all I ever saw from her were all her fabulous facebook pictures. So I was really happy to see her and catch up!


The sun was shining and we had an absolutely lovely girl’s day out! Including a walk in Green Park and Soho, honest hamburgers, coffee and cake and lots of fun at the new Lush store at Oxford Street! ❤

Thanks ladies for this colourful afternoon!

XX, Angie