How to be a design hipster

OK, are you ready for an eye-opening, perception-changeing revelation? – Here we go:

While working at CDW last week, I had a particular high interaction rate with the not-as-rare-as-commonly-believed and very creative species of design students, artists, designers and professionals.
It is widely known, that the social behaviour of the common designer is very much based on vestmental communication. In order to be acknowledged by its fellow tribe and allowed to participate in its rites, a designer has to show certain optical recognition features.

I know, doesn’t sound very spectacular so far, but hold on… here’s the interesting part: Due to my brilliant observing skills I therefore think I am now in the perfect position to say: I broke the code on how to have that ultimate “Now way I’d ever be a hipster, I study art!”-style.

Just follow my simple instructions and soon you’ll too rock that “I am actually busy working on my new collection” look!

list 1t: optional items, pick 5

  • kimono
  • beard (long)
  • culottes
  • bomber jacket
  • strange headpiece
  • geometric hair cut
  • (washed-out) coloured hair
  • crop top
  • be dressed head to toe in black
  • black leather backpack
  • bow tie
  • multiple and layered rings
  • old-fashioned braided hair-do
  • bold lipstick colour
  • bulky sunglasses
  • canvas bag with random quote on it
  • blazer in neon colour
  • plastic rain coat
  • (multiple) facial piercings
  • jeans jacket
  • t-shirt printed with the poster of an iconic movie
  • high-waisted jeans

list 2: compulsory items

  • at least one portable Apple product
  • plateau sandals
  • bare legs/belly button despite rain and wind
  • aura of confidence and “I don’t give a damn”
  • 1 to 5 mind- and style-like followers (the common designer likes to travel in smaller flocks)


Tha-daa, you’ve got it baby! Throw everything together very carefully and enjoy your new designer outfit!

Your new style guru,

XX Angie

PS: here’s my personal attempt (don’t judge me, I’m still a beginner 😉 )



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