Proud to be Pride

This weekend Pride took place in London. It’s one of the biggest celebration of the LGBT community. The highlight was definitely yesterday’s Pride Parade.
I met up with Monica for brunch in Soho, where all the streets were decorated in rainbow colours and then we went to see the parade at Oxford Circus.

It was simply awesome! I’ve never seen anything like it before. There were wagons and busses, decorated, glittery and colourful, people in costumes, dancers, marching bands. Big organisations and companies, like TfL, the Miners Union, London Fire Brigade and Starbucks were participating with very impressive vehicles and much ado and even the Armed Forces were marching to show their support; and then there were small community centres, help groups, and NGOs, just marching, showing pride. The most heart-warming was a small group with a very humble banner, stating the support of elderly LGBTs – and grey-haired men, women and couples walking hand in hand.


And as a cherry on this rainbow-coloured cake, we had a small IULM reunion and a bit of uni-nostalgia as we met up with Luca and Valery – friends from our uni in Milano who happen to live in Abu Dhabi now, but came to London to attend Luca’s graduation.


*here’s to the Iulmini*

a very happy, supportive and colourful
Angie, XX

Scotch and Gelato :)

Very spontaneously Gonzo and me decided to see Scotch & Soda today. Basically it’s a somehow 1920s themed circus show accompanied by a live jazz band. Simply marvelous! It took place in the Speigeltent at the London Wonderground, an old-style circus tent in dark red with paintings on wood and big light bulbs.
The show was amazing! There was everything; acrobatics, magic, comedy and birds! The artists and musicians played together perfectly and it all seemed like one big improvisation between a bunch of very different characters – though there must be a lot of hard work behind it.
I had so much fun! Altogether the show lasted only about 70 minutes, but it seemed much longer! It was really enchanting!

Scotch and Soda Collage

I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to the circus, but I remember that I always enjoyed it when I was a kid. It’s like you enter a different world, when you enter a dim circus tent. Anything can happen there and for a short period of time you escape all the rules of reality.

After the show we met up with Francesca and Andrea and we went for .. *drumroll*.. gelato!! 🙂 We indulged in some fancy ice cream at the even fancier Häagen-Dazs café. Yum. Fancy is as fancy does, or so!

XX, Angie
(I’ll dream of running away and joining the circus tonight – or maybe I’ll just re-watch Water for Elephants.)

Midsummer with Herman

MidsummerCollageIt was midsummer night yesterday. And Shakespeare’s magical play about it being one of my favourites, I always attach romantic thoughts to that particular night. They say it’s the only night of the year when the kingdoms of fairies and men are connected.

These are the days/nights when I miss home. Certain dates have certain traditions attached to them and I know that I’m missing out being in London. Last night was one of them. In Austria we have big bonfires on the mountaintops to celebrate the shortest night of the year and usually the whole family gathers to have either a small campfire or barbecue in the garden.

But we did very well in compensatin. Yesterday Gonzo picked me up after class and we went to have pizza and ice cream in Soho and then met our friends in Hyde Park, where we spent some time listening to the concert of Kylie Minogue. Later we went to the cinema to see Jurassic World, but that’s an entirely different story. (A short summary: I found it very entertaining, whereas Gonzo feels he lost two hours of his life. I guess it’s all about expectation, really. I simply expected to be entertained by a very American action story and I got completely satisfied.)

Anyway, I was still feeling kinda home sick and as this was the closest we could get, today we went to Herman Ze German for lunch. I love the name! It’s a small eatery specialized in sausages and the menus are written in half-German. We had Curry Wurst, Schnitzel in a bun, Sauerkraut and Paulaner Bier. And always keep in mind: prepare for the best, but expect the wurst! 😉
For dessert we hand mini cakes from the bakery around the corner and coffee at Barnyard.

Thank you Gonzo, you fixed it very well!

XX, Angie

Boyband: check!

It’s mid-June. And now tell me, is there any better time to redeem Christmas presents, that exactly halfway between two Christmases? 😉 That’s what Kathi thought as well (probably).

Ok, let me fill you in about the details, because I feel you won’t understand much if I keep rambling on about Christmas in June and so forth. 😛
So my lovely little sister gave me concert tickets for One Direction last December and now the date of the concert finally came!! I was sooo excited, as I haven’t been to a concert in ages. I took the plane to Austria last Tuesday and on Wednesday Kathi and me went to Vienna to see the show.

One Direction is kind of a thing between me and Kathi. We somehow always made fun of all the fangirls, but we also liked to listen to them when we lived together in London. And yes, their music might not be the most original ever and their lyrics not very meaningful, but hey! It’s very nice and easy listening. And although we agreed to watch the concert with detachment and laugh about the crazy fans, we ended up cheering when they entered the stage and singing, clapping and dancing along. But we did’t faint – like many other girls actually did. But I suppose not all of it was due to Harry’s sparkling eyes and at least partially fault of the heat and the long queues at the entrance.

So we went to see 1D, so what? Almost all of my friends who knew made fun of me beforehand, but guess what? It was really entertaining!
The show on stage was good and I really enjoyed all the animations on the big screens. And apart from these obvious parts, simple things as watching tortured parents waiting with their kids and girls falling into frenzy because Niall said “Dankeschön” in German were very funny.

But what I enjoyed most, was that I was there with my little sister! I really miss her and we don’t always have as much contact as we’d like to, for the simple reason that we both have our lives to get on with 😛 So spending an entire day just with her, beginning with the long train ride to Vienna, the queuing and waiting, and finally the concert itself was a real blessing for me! 🙂

Danke, kleiner Stern!

XX, Angie

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Attention! Wild Austr(al)ians in London!

First of all: thanks for the Backerbesn, the Almdudler, Hanni und Nanni books and heimatliche vibes you brought for me, girls!

And now be honest, who wouldn’t have a good time when the sun is (finally) shining in London and an instagram-perfect austro-australian couple takes over your living room? 🙂 Exactly!

Let me give you a brief summary of my last week:

Tea, an introduction to the art of peanutbutter-nutella-cookies, explain to Spanish flatmates the concept of Almdudler, “off to Hogwarts!”, a walk in Camden, run to work, pancakes with maple syrup, bacon with maple syrup, everything with maple syrup!, toys (if you know what I mean…), maps not facing north, almost rowing boats in the park, instant-instagram-pics, sun and daisies, colours and soap and scents and more soaps, pizza, work, work, late breakfast, work, “but everything is walkable!”, crackling and Yorkshire pudding, eaton mess *hmm*, work, “it’s the fault of the red witch!”, too many souvenirs, tea.

Sophie and Zabi CollageII

Yes, that’s about it.
Thanks, Sophie and Zabi for that busy but very pleasurable week!!

XX, Angie



So my friend who works at Lush came to London to visit us. And no, she wasn’t invited only because of all the complimentary bathing fun… but it definitely helped 😉 Thanks, Sophie and Zabi ❤ XX, Angie