Attention! Wild Austr(al)ians in London!

First of all: thanks for the Backerbesn, the Almdudler, Hanni und Nanni books and heimatliche vibes you brought for me, girls!

And now be honest, who wouldn’t have a good time when the sun is (finally) shining in London and an instagram-perfect austro-australian couple takes over your living room? 🙂 Exactly!

Let me give you a brief summary of my last week:

Tea, an introduction to the art of peanutbutter-nutella-cookies, explain to Spanish flatmates the concept of Almdudler, “off to Hogwarts!”, a walk in Camden, run to work, pancakes with maple syrup, bacon with maple syrup, everything with maple syrup!, toys (if you know what I mean…), maps not facing north, almost rowing boats in the park, instant-instagram-pics, sun and daisies, colours and soap and scents and more soaps, pizza, work, work, late breakfast, work, “but everything is walkable!”, crackling and Yorkshire pudding, eaton mess *hmm*, work, “it’s the fault of the red witch!”, too many souvenirs, tea.

Sophie and Zabi CollageII

Yes, that’s about it.
Thanks, Sophie and Zabi for that busy but very pleasurable week!!

XX, Angie


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