Midsummer with Herman

MidsummerCollageIt was midsummer night yesterday. And Shakespeare’s magical play about it being one of my favourites, I always attach romantic thoughts to that particular night. They say it’s the only night of the year when the kingdoms of fairies and men are connected.

These are the days/nights when I miss home. Certain dates have certain traditions attached to them and I know that I’m missing out being in London. Last night was one of them. In Austria we have big bonfires on the mountaintops to celebrate the shortest night of the year and usually the whole family gathers to have either a small campfire or barbecue in the garden.

But we did very well in compensatin. Yesterday Gonzo picked me up after class and we went to have pizza and ice cream in Soho and then met our friends in Hyde Park, where we spent some time listening to the concert of Kylie Minogue. Later we went to the cinema to see Jurassic World, but that’s an entirely different story. (A short summary: I found it very entertaining, whereas Gonzo feels he lost two hours of his life. I guess it’s all about expectation, really. I simply expected to be entertained by a very American action story and I got completely satisfied.)

Anyway, I was still feeling kinda home sick and as this was the closest we could get, today we went to Herman Ze German for lunch. I love the name! It’s a small eatery specialized in sausages and the menus are written in half-German. We had Curry Wurst, Schnitzel in a bun, Sauerkraut and Paulaner Bier. And always keep in mind: prepare for the best, but expect the wurst! 😉
For dessert we hand mini cakes from the bakery around the corner and coffee at Barnyard.

Thank you Gonzo, you fixed it very well!

XX, Angie


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