Scotch and Gelato :)

Very spontaneously Gonzo and me decided to see Scotch & Soda today. Basically it’s a somehow 1920s themed circus show accompanied by a live jazz band. Simply marvelous! It took place in the Speigeltent at the London Wonderground, an old-style circus tent in dark red with paintings on wood and big light bulbs.
The show was amazing! There was everything; acrobatics, magic, comedy and birds! The artists and musicians played together perfectly and it all seemed like one big improvisation between a bunch of very different characters – though there must be a lot of hard work behind it.
I had so much fun! Altogether the show lasted only about 70 minutes, but it seemed much longer! It was really enchanting!

Scotch and Soda Collage

I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to the circus, but I remember that I always enjoyed it when I was a kid. It’s like you enter a different world, when you enter a dim circus tent. Anything can happen there and for a short period of time you escape all the rules of reality.

After the show we met up with Francesca and Andrea and we went for .. *drumroll*.. gelato!! 🙂 We indulged in some fancy ice cream at the even fancier Häagen-Dazs café. Yum. Fancy is as fancy does, or so!

XX, Angie
(I’ll dream of running away and joining the circus tonight – or maybe I’ll just re-watch Water for Elephants.)


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