Finalmente Estate!

Summer time is visitor’s time!
And who was missing on my list? My lovely and beautiful sister, obviously! 😀

We had a really nice and cozy weekend, with lots of tea, biscuits, gossip and Disney movies (rainy season started in London). Today we went to the airport together. Kathi took the plane back to Austria and I went to Napoli.

I am going to join Gonzo at Cdm – again 😉

Right now I sit in a nice Treno Regionale, with a view to the seaside and the sun is beaming through the window. When we left London this morning, it had merely 17 degrees, now it’s about 32!
When I arrive, I’ll lie on the beach like a lizard, soaking up the heat – as compensation for the the rainy London “summer”. Gonzo went to CdM already two weeks before me and to make sure that I’ll take a good holiday before throwing myself into work, he declared “you won’t be allowed to work with me without a sufficient level of tan!!”

Well, so I guess I better go to work! 😉

Hope you have a lovely summer everyone – mine just started now!

Tanti baci, Angie



kinky oysters

IMAG0751Yesterday Andrea and me met up for a business dinner. We met for the sole purpose of discussing today’s shoot; the set-up and the final idea.

But eventually we ended up in Bentley’s for drinks. I was already super content with my glass of Grüner Veltliner (a really nice Austrian white wine) when we even got some oysters served! I never tried oysters before, so it was a big first for me. Andrea explained me to put lemon and pepper and how to eat them. Well, all I can say is that they taste like a mouth full of sea and have a funny consistency. 😉
We eventually decided to go for a nightcap to Soho IMAG0755and coincidentally saw a show titled “The Kinky Kabarett”. It wasn’t that kinky actually, but quite good fun!

Summing up I can say that our business dinner clearly went out of hand, but the shoot today went perfectly fine. Maybe we should adopt this kind of pre-shooting-day rituals… 🙂

XX, Angie

Oh Well!!

Did I ever mention how much I miss my Erasmus times? No? Well.. a lot! But I miss my Erasmus friends even more!

And so I was simply over the moon when Tici came to visit me last week – from Brazil!
I have to mention though, the whole thing was a bit spontaneous, in the sense of “I’m coming to Europe, are you there?” 🙂


But, oh well, we had a lovely time, full of tourist attractions, musicals and curiosities. And I want to thank mother nature for the creation of the selfie-stick 😉

muitos beijos, Angie

a bruised bum…

FunFairCollageI guess most of you know what a childish person I am – so it was only clear that when I read a Fun Fair was coming to Gladstone Park, I’ dragged Gonzo there! 🙂

We went there last Saturday, and to be honest it was kinda creepy at first, because there were almost no people. Sounds weird, I know but eventually it was great fun!
We rode the bumpy cars (my bum is all green and blue with bruises now) and the “The Twister”; we tried our luck fishing for some cheap toys and Gonzo found a Guitar Hero automat!

I like Fun Fairs! But what I like best are probably all the colourful lights, dipping the night in all the colours of the rainbow.

XX, Angie

Sales are on?!

Ok, wait a minute!

It’s the beginning of July, summer just officially started about 10 days ago and Fashion industry already suggests that it’s basically over?!
Summer sale everywhere; the shop windows start to wear autumn-y colours – brown, dark red, black… and the weather isn’t helping much either to be honest.


Seriously guys, these circumstances make me depressed. I’m still looking forward for my summer holiday and all I see is reminders that winter is coming.

All I want is a proper summer! Anybody can recommend a warm country that isn’t currently in crisis where I can move to?

XX, Angie