One Spaniard more…

Isa moved to London!! Why did I have to wait two years for this glorious moment to happen?

Ok, she doesn’t live in London, but it’s pretty close. And the fact that her village is a complete cul-de-sac makes her come to London every weekend. Yes! minipunto para mi – and for her as well! 😉
My dear Spanish hipster girl actually moved to the UK just before I came back form my summer travels. And as soon as I got back as well, we started our weekend-traditions with cute cafés, good books, late lunches, long walks, lots of sunshine (mediterranean powers at work!) and silly sleepovers.

Last week was the most beautiful sunny autumn day. We’ve been to Warwick Avenue and Little Venice (very romantic), walked all the way from Paddington to Oxford Street, listened to the many speakers at Hyde Park Corner and visited Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens.


We were actually much happier that Duffy in her video. It’s just that every time I take the Bakerloo line and the Warwick Avenue stop comes along, the song pops up in my head – and usually stays for the rest of the day.

This week we met our friend Moni at Portobello for Afternoon-Evening tea and gossip. We watched With The Beatles (it’s Sunday after all) and later went out for drinks in Shoreditch. Hach, life can be just nice! 🙂

very blissfully
XX, Angie


Summer 2015 stop #3: Spain

So right after my 12-hour-stay in Milano (but basically straight out of CdM) I made my way to Spain.

First stop: Malaga/Isa

Mainly due to the fact that Isa was actually busy organizing her move to the UK (!!!) while I kind of uninvitedly crashed over and also because I’ve been to this lovely and orange city before, my stay here mostly consisted of ice cream (very lovely on top of the hill, in the middle of the night, with very nice acquaintances); a little dash of hipster-ism (speaking smoothies at the Ultimo Mono and an Obey exhibition); some moral support for various office-runs, hair-cutting-appointments and good-bye parties; pizza, beer, sunshine and – you guessed it – battery-recharging after CinemadaMare. (And may I at this point just briefly draw your attention to the fact that until now this is only the second sentence in the paragraph? You should hear me speak in real life! 😛 )
Although CdM is an absolutely amazing, brilliant and wonderful experience, it is actually quite exhausting. So I don’t lie if I count my stay in Malaga as my actual summer holiday. In the sense of unwind, relax, do nothing, eat and swim. And I did that very well!


Second stop: Barcelona/Ivet

Well, this stop was a little different. As I’ve never been to beautiful Barcelona before, Ivet and me equally distributed our time between her sofa (gossiping exchanging social information), various cute cafés (for merienda: café cortado and sweets) or cool bars (for cana y tapa) and walking trough the colourful city. With Ivet taking her role as tourist guide very serious, we managed to see all the major sights of the city in no less than three days!
Out of everything we saw and did – Placa Catalunya, el Gotic (cathedral), La Rambla (shopping street), Barceloneta (the port), proper tapas dinner, Placa Espana, Museo Nacional de Catalunya, Ciutat Vella (old city), pinxos y cerveza Moritz, Parc de Ciutadellla (so beautiful!), Arc de Triumph., Sagrada Familia and Park Güell – the Sagrada Familia is probably my favorite. I know that’s quite cliché, but it was just overwhelming! I’ve never seen a more colourful and yet pure place!
And what can I say? I’m in love! Barcelona is so colourful and vibrant! Full of positive energy and still very peaceful.

Here, have some of the colours:



I can’t wait to come back here with my sister one day!  I am sure, she’ll love it! 🙂

muchos besitos a todos, Angie

We joined the rebellion!

Last Wednesday Gonzo and I took a ticket to a galaxy far far away… we went to see the Secret Cinema Star Wars edition.

All I can say is that it was absolutely brilliant. You may know that I am not a very big Star Wars fan myself, but that didn’t matter at all.
As soon as we bought the tickets, we were emailed a secret code to enter the secret website to join the Rebellion – the idea being that everyone who attends the event is a rebel against the empire. There we got our new identities – Tiana Bane, Creative Council (aka Jedi knight, ha!) and Alon Taran, Galactic Explorer – and found a dress code for each role. Most importantly everyone had to wear a palestine scarf, as “sandstorms were expected”.SW
Concerning the location, we were only told that we’ll have to be at Canada Water tube station and from there the ECA, Earth Cargo Airlines, will give us a lift.
We were both quite nervous what to expect but as soon as we arrived we already saw lots of people dressed in tunics, boots, jumpsuits, helmets and goggles gather outside an old factory. Friendly people with ECA high-vis vests checked our tickets and escorted us to the entry and that’s where our journey began:

Once entered we were greeted by rebel commanders and learned the secret rebel salute, and that under any circumstances we must “always wear the scarves and cover our faces”. Next we were handed over to someone apparently higher in rank who gave us a very motivating speech on how we gonna overthrow the empire and that we are a valuable asset to the fight. Than everything happened very quick: a siren went off, a red light started flashing and our general announced that there’s no more time for words, the cargo ship which is gonna smuggle us to Tatooine is leaving now. We had to run, stand, run, crouch and finally we made it onto the ship.
The whole “performance” (in lack of other words) was amazingly detailed. A whole terminal for cargo space ships and further the ship itself was built in the warehouse.
Once we reached our destination planet, not without further hurdles like presenting our identity cards and avoiding being picked out by the storm troopers, we finally got some rest. Tatooine was recreated in absolutely stunning detailed manner. The floor was sandy, there were small houses and booths that sold food and drink and C3PO and R2D2 walked amongst the crowd.


After a while we all found our way to the next floor, where we witnessed Luke skillfully destroying the Death Star and the heroes being awarded by Princess Leia. The highlight was probably a life-size X-Wing being lowered form the ceiling. All around me I could hear fans speaking the lines along and singing triumphantly with the iconic score.
And finally we got to see the whole Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, complete with life action in front of the screen and even more going crazy by the fans.

Like I said, I am not the biggest fan, and to be honest I was very glad to have such a knowledgeable companion as Gonzo by my side, but I enjoyed every minute! And if it was not for the actual Star Wars geekiness, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of detail that went into the preparation of this event!

(oh, and the Secret Cinema being a secret event and all, we weren’t allowed to take pictures and even had to put our phones away. So just use your imagination! 😉 )

Rebel X, with you

Another year!

It’s September again. Today is the first day of autumn and it’s also exactly two years since I arrived in London. Two years, can you believe it? How time flies! Honestly, for me it still seems like I arrived here in the UK only a couple of months ago.
Overall I feel like the last year was a little more “normal” and “settled down” that the my first year here in London. After all, we already had some experience how to survive in this crazy town. But that means not at all that it was ever boring!

Two years are a lot of time. I think I never actually thought about how long I’d stay here. And while I keep on dwelling in London, my friends back at home complete their masters and find secure jobs in proper companies. Sometimes it freaks me out a little and I get nervous. But then again, who’s living the adventure now? Most of the time I am grateful thought, for all the small moments, big surprises and wonderful experiences and opportunities I am able to collect.

London never stops to surprise me. After all, you never know what’s around the river bend! 🙂

XX and Anah,


Summer 2015 stop #2: EXPO

You have to know that seeing the Expo was on my to-do-list since I studied in Milano in 2013. They already launched the big marketing campaign and as part of that the flags of all the countries of the world were put up in the streets around the Duomo. I remember that we took lots of pictures and went in search of the flag of our countries.
And well, I can’t deny it: I am a very easy customer, these kind of things really work – so for me my time in Milano is very much connected with the anticipation of seeing the Expo. I might even say that finally getting to see it is somehow the (belated) cherry on top my Milano-Erasmus-experience.

Expo_Collage_IOk, so the day had finally arrived. Needless to say that I was super excited! I left CinemadaMare in Vercelli early in the morning and arrived in Milano around midday. Upon arrival I already had a massive Erasmus-flashback. After all, I haven’t been to my beloved Milano since I left about two years ago. ❤
I went to see the Expo all by myself and I have to say it was a very new and quite unique experience. I felt very free, as I could go wherever and do whatever I want, without consulting or discussing in group. Of course I misses the moments when you’d nudge your friend: “look there!” or “did you see that?”, but overall I really enjoyed it!

The theme of the Expo 2015 is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. It was structured in a way that the first pavilion you’d hit was the Pavilion Zero, where you see a general exhibition about the history and development of food processing, globalization and resources. Then you arrive on the main avenue, where the pavilions of the different nations are situated on the left and right.
I managed to see the pavilions of the Cocoa and Chocolate cluster (Cuba, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Camerun), the Coffee cluster (El Salvador, Kenya, Uganda, Dominican Republic), China, UK, Holland, Spain, Austria, USA, Turkey, Russia, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Hungary, Argentina, the Spices cluster, Lithuania, Korea, Belgium, Nepal, Vietnam and Ecuador.


Some pavilions focused more on traditional exhibition (especially the smaller ones),some had creative technical gems or interactive features in their presentation and And Austria – oh well, Austria 🙂 The Austrian pavilion drew a little away from the main topic and highlighted the most important form of nourishment: air. To do so, they built a whole forest inside the pavilion. And with forest I mean proper forest: trees, moss, stones, leaves, that fresh and cool forest smell. When I entered all of a sudden I became super home sick. It’s funny, because I am never that home sick. I do miss home, but it usually never overcomes me so suddenly. But as I stood there, on what seemed home soil, breathing “home air” I just started to cry. It was a good feeling though. But I realized how much I miss home, mountains and nature sometimes.
All the pavilions were simply stunning! As mentioned before, the overall topic was food and nutrition, but every pavilion interpreted it differently. Some focused more on their country’s history, traditions and specialties, whereas others presented artwo
rk or scientific research.
Overall I think the biggest and most impressive trick I saw in many of the pavilions and was used in very many creative ways, was definitely projection mapping. Although I know how it works it simply blows my mind and for me it feels like a magic trick!

Of course all the pavilions had small cafes or restaurants on their site, offering traditional food. Funnily I spent most of the day hungry though, as I just couldn’t decide where to eat. I was always on the look-out for something even more exotic, so eventually I was absolutely starving and just had the next best thing: dutch meat balls. 😉

I am so happy that I finally went to see the Expo! Also, afterspending my summer with people from all over the world, like Russia, Indonesia, Kenya and Tanzania, knowing little or nothing about their countries, it just seemed the perfect cherry on top: travel around the world in 8 hours. 🙂 ❤

XX, Angie

Summer 2015 stop #1: Italy and CinemadaMare

As you know, my first stop of this year’s summer travels was in the south of Italy, where I joined Gonzo and the CinemadaMare film festival.

For those of you who don’t know (but I guess by now everyone knows, as I am rambling about it all the time – so better skip the next part) CinemadaMare is an international film festival that takes you to a different village/town in Italy every week. But the truly amazing thing about CdM are the people. I mean, imagine: put 100 young filmmakrs from all around the world together, in Italy, with sunshine, mare, inflatable mattresses, pasta and gelato, good vibes and a bunch of crazy ideas and just let them work. Puff! That’s it. For me that works like magic! And that’s also why we went there already for the 3rd time! 😉

Anyway, so the first stop for me was Maratea. I am in love with this place! I love the mountains descending straight into the sea, the water that gets deep after just a couple of steps, the many stairs and colourful houses, and of course the big Jesus statue overlooking the valley from the mountain top. We actually hiked p all the way one night, with the full moon guiding our way and slept at Jesus’ toes – only to wake up to an amazing view and the bitter realization that we had to walk down again all the way 😛
Being super happy to be back, I directed and edited what is probably best called a little advertisement for Cdm. I also wrote a brief scrip for Gonzo that week, which he shot and made into an incredible piece about “life itself and how eventually you have to let go and jump”. He found an abandoned waterpark, and actually I only started writing after I’ve been there and enjoyed the amazing location!


The next stop was Guardia Perticara. I have a very special connection to that place, as we already stayed there the last two years and I’ve collected a bunch of very dear memories there. The village is tiny: there are two bars, one supermarket and not even a bancomat. But the people there are so friendly and helpful! Some even remembered our names from the previous years and asked us how we were doing in London!
That week I mainly worked on a script (which we couldn’t shoot eventually), did a lot of different make-ups for various productions (which I really enjoyed), helped to organize a last-minute-shoot (which we had to cancel because of a thunderstorm) and got “hired” as an editor for the first time in CdM (which was probably the best bit of the week!). I was working on the edit of found. by Dasha and Vera, two very talented girls from Russia. I did have a couple of editing lessons back at uni, but working on an actual project with all the pressure and the problems that come along was a really good experience which I enjoyed very much!


We stayed a couple of days in Muro Lucano and then moved on to Nova Siri, which again had the lovely benefit of a long and sandy beach! *yay* We stayed there for about 10 days – enough time to get tanned, relax, empirically test to find out the best gelateria in town and shoot a, if I may say so, very lovely and engaging short about love.
Sadly this was also the week Gonzo was leaving, as he had to go back to London for work. Well, so I stayed in charge to collect as much sunshine as possible for the both or us! 🙂
I was woking on Due (this week’s film) with Vera again. But this time we were co-directing. For me it was a complete new experience as until now I was mainly working together with Gonzo. But I think we did a very good job. Vera actually works as a photographer in “real life” so we had absolute fantastic shots! – The hardest part of the edit was to decide which shots not to take, as the whole material was absolutely great.


After spending so much time in the south of Italy, we made our way up to Vercelli. Well, I have to say it was a bit of a shock arriving in the north after several weeks traveling through Basilicata. The end of August was approaching and we could definitely feel that now. It just wasn’t a little southern seaside village anymore. However, we made the very best out of it. Vercelli, being an actual city, offered a lot of luxury, compare to the previous stops; such as a book shop, a cinema, launderettes and a big discounter in walking distance.
I initially planned to skip the stop, partially because of the very daunting descriptions I’ve heard and also because I wanted to go to Spain sooner. But as John Lennon once said very accurately: “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” – and so I stayed with CdM for one week longer. And I really don’t regret it! We had the most lovely week! We grew closer as a group, enjoyed the beautiful city of Vercelli, made a very pleasant day-trip to Arona, talked under the stars and over breakfast and eventually shot a most marvellous stop-motion video. Moonlight is a combination of the talents of Vera (photography), Alix (sound) and me (make-up and edit). I am very happy with the result, especially as I wanted to make a stop-motion all along, but was lacking the final idea until now.

That’s it. I left CinemadaMare on the 1st of September in order to go to Milano to see the Expo, but that’s an argument for another day!
I absolutely enjoyed taking part in CdM once again and I want to thank all the guys for that incredible experience! Grazie a tutti i cidiemmini 2015!!

(Sorry guys for that super long blog post. I totally messed up the less words-more images principle 😛 😉 )

XX, Angie

I‘m back!

Hey guys! I know, long time no blog. But after a seemingly endless summer I am finally back in London.
My batteries are fully charged, my shoes are still full of sand and my heart full of sunshine. After traveling Italy south to north with CinemadaMare, I went to see the Expo in Milan, then I went on to Spain – Malaga and Barcelona, then back to Milan, Austria to attend my cousin’s wedding and finally back to where I started about 7 and a half weeks ago: London.


So, I’m back.

I am not quite sure yet if I’m very happy about that. All I know is that the day I arrived it wasn’t raining, it was pouring. And I somehow feel like buying Christmas presents… 😛

Anyway, for me autumns are always the time of new beginnings. After summer everything settles down and I almost feel like that’s when the year actually starts. I absolutely love that “back to school” feeling! And to be honest, I totally used my little graphic design class I am starting next week as an excuse to go out and buy a bunch of new notebooks, sketch pads, colourful pens and pencils. 🙂
I’m feeling good, full of energy, my brain is freshly aired, my legs nicely tanned – But now it’s time to get back to “city-mode”.

As my summer was way to long to describe everything in a single post, or rather every stop has to be given the full attention of a very own blog post, I’ll try to upload them over the next week or so. Be patient!

Tanti besos,


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