I‘m back!

Hey guys! I know, long time no blog. But after a seemingly endless summer I am finally back in London.
My batteries are fully charged, my shoes are still full of sand and my heart full of sunshine. After traveling Italy south to north with CinemadaMare, I went to see the Expo in Milan, then I went on to Spain – Malaga and Barcelona, then back to Milan, Austria to attend my cousin’s wedding and finally back to where I started about 7 and a half weeks ago: London.


So, I’m back.

I am not quite sure yet if I’m very happy about that. All I know is that the day I arrived it wasn’t raining, it was pouring. And I somehow feel like buying Christmas presents… 😛

Anyway, for me autumns are always the time of new beginnings. After summer everything settles down and I almost feel like that’s when the year actually starts. I absolutely love that “back to school” feeling! And to be honest, I totally used my little graphic design class I am starting next week as an excuse to go out and buy a bunch of new notebooks, sketch pads, colourful pens and pencils. 🙂
I’m feeling good, full of energy, my brain is freshly aired, my legs nicely tanned – But now it’s time to get back to “city-mode”.

As my summer was way to long to describe everything in a single post, or rather every stop has to be given the full attention of a very own blog post, I’ll try to upload them over the next week or so. Be patient!

Tanti besos,


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