Another year!

It’s September again. Today is the first day of autumn and it’s also exactly two years since I arrived in London. Two years, can you believe it? How time flies! Honestly, for me it still seems like I arrived here in the UK only a couple of months ago.
Overall I feel like the last year was a little more “normal” and “settled down” that the my first year here in London. After all, we already had some experience how to survive in this crazy town. But that means not at all that it was ever boring!

Two years are a lot of time. I think I never actually thought about how long I’d stay here. And while I keep on dwelling in London, my friends back at home complete their masters and find secure jobs in proper companies. Sometimes it freaks me out a little and I get nervous. But then again, who’s living the adventure now? Most of the time I am grateful thought, for all the small moments, big surprises and wonderful experiences and opportunities I am able to collect.

London never stops to surprise me. After all, you never know what’s around the river bend! 🙂

XX and Anah,



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