We joined the rebellion!

Last Wednesday Gonzo and I took a ticket to a galaxy far far away… we went to see the Secret Cinema Star Wars edition.

All I can say is that it was absolutely brilliant. You may know that I am not a very big Star Wars fan myself, but that didn’t matter at all.
As soon as we bought the tickets, we were emailed a secret code to enter the secret website to join the Rebellion – the idea being that everyone who attends the event is a rebel against the empire. There we got our new identities – Tiana Bane, Creative Council (aka Jedi knight, ha!) and Alon Taran, Galactic Explorer – and found a dress code for each role. Most importantly everyone had to wear a palestine scarf, as “sandstorms were expected”.SW
Concerning the location, we were only told that we’ll have to be at Canada Water tube station and from there the ECA, Earth Cargo Airlines, will give us a lift.
We were both quite nervous what to expect but as soon as we arrived we already saw lots of people dressed in tunics, boots, jumpsuits, helmets and goggles gather outside an old factory. Friendly people with ECA high-vis vests checked our tickets and escorted us to the entry and that’s where our journey began:

Once entered we were greeted by rebel commanders and learned the secret rebel salute, and that under any circumstances we must “always wear the scarves and cover our faces”. Next we were handed over to someone apparently higher in rank who gave us a very motivating speech on how we gonna overthrow the empire and that we are a valuable asset to the fight. Than everything happened very quick: a siren went off, a red light started flashing and our general announced that there’s no more time for words, the cargo ship which is gonna smuggle us to Tatooine is leaving now. We had to run, stand, run, crouch and finally we made it onto the ship.
The whole “performance” (in lack of other words) was amazingly detailed. A whole terminal for cargo space ships and further the ship itself was built in the warehouse.
Once we reached our destination planet, not without further hurdles like presenting our identity cards and avoiding being picked out by the storm troopers, we finally got some rest. Tatooine was recreated in absolutely stunning detailed manner. The floor was sandy, there were small houses and booths that sold food and drink and C3PO and R2D2 walked amongst the crowd.


After a while we all found our way to the next floor, where we witnessed Luke skillfully destroying the Death Star and the heroes being awarded by Princess Leia. The highlight was probably a life-size X-Wing being lowered form the ceiling. All around me I could hear fans speaking the lines along and singing triumphantly with the iconic score.
And finally we got to see the whole Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, complete with life action in front of the screen and even more going crazy by the fans.

Like I said, I am not the biggest fan, and to be honest I was very glad to have such a knowledgeable companion as Gonzo by my side, but I enjoyed every minute! And if it was not for the actual Star Wars geekiness, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of detail that went into the preparation of this event!

(oh, and the Secret Cinema being a secret event and all, we weren’t allowed to take pictures and even had to put our phones away. So just use your imagination! 😉 )

Rebel X, with you


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