One Spaniard more…

Isa moved to London!! Why did I have to wait two years for this glorious moment to happen?

Ok, she doesn’t live in London, but it’s pretty close. And the fact that her village is a complete cul-de-sac makes her come to London every weekend. Yes! minipunto para mi – and for her as well! 😉
My dear Spanish hipster girl actually moved to the UK just before I came back form my summer travels. And as soon as I got back as well, we started our weekend-traditions with cute cafés, good books, late lunches, long walks, lots of sunshine (mediterranean powers at work!) and silly sleepovers.

Last week was the most beautiful sunny autumn day. We’ve been to Warwick Avenue and Little Venice (very romantic), walked all the way from Paddington to Oxford Street, listened to the many speakers at Hyde Park Corner and visited Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens.


We were actually much happier that Duffy in her video. It’s just that every time I take the Bakerloo line and the Warwick Avenue stop comes along, the song pops up in my head – and usually stays for the rest of the day.

This week we met our friend Moni at Portobello for Afternoon-Evening tea and gossip. We watched With The Beatles (it’s Sunday after all) and later went out for drinks in Shoreditch. Hach, life can be just nice! 🙂

very blissfully
XX, Angie


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