To the Stones!

Having the whole weekend ahead of us, last Friday Isa and I decided to go on an adventure! Well… with a bus, on a guided tour, just about outside London actually. But hey: adventures are always good, no matter in what shape or size they appear! 🙂

Our fantastic weekend-adventure consisted of getting up super early on Saturday morning and joining a bus full of middle aged American tourists on a guided tour to Bath and then to the Stonehenge. And it was fun!

We arrived in Bath just before lunchtime; our brains packed with all sorts of information about the city, it’s history and the society structure of Georgian times, that our friendly and ever-chatting guide kindly provided on the bus ride.
Given the grey weather and the fact that apart from the Georgian/Roman bath (duh!) there’s nothing much to see, Isa and I decided without much ado to see the Jane Austen Museum.
A charming young gentleman (dressed in a very flattering period costume) gave us a brief introduction and off we went to discover the life and times of Miss Austen – including a costume and photo session! 🙂


Just when we boarded the coach again and our guide exclaimed enthusiastically “to the Stones!”, the clouds faded and it became actually sunny. So when we arrived, a truly picture-perfect landscape awaited us: green fields, blue sky, the inevitable British breeze – and the Stonehenge, naturally!
Although it was actually smaller than expected (and yes, I suppose all sorts of media are to blame for distorting and prefabricating expectations), it was still very impressive! We really did take our time to walk around it and made the point of listening to all the little chapters on our audioguides. I mean, it’s the Stonehenge after all. I don’t understand people who just come and take a picture to “tick the list” without actually having a look at it.  – That doesn’t mean that we didn’t take any pictures though! 😉


Being a perfectly organized tour, we’ve just had enough time to get a tea and a biscuit afterwards, before we had to head back to our bus for the final trip back to London.

It might not have been the most adventurous adventure, but it still was very very good day!

Your truly, and very educated,

XX, Angie

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