Where are the Elephants?

Today Maria and Cesar invited me along on their Sunday-expitdion and together we went to Neasden Temple. It was a bit of a strange journey: we followed Maria, who directed us according to her phone, trough the high streets of London’s zone 3, we crossed a rather dodgy looking backyard, a housing complex and a small park and suddenly there it was, amidst the suburbs of London: a most beautiful marble temple. I felt like we stumbled across the Taj Mahal. Where are the elephants??

IMG_0058_crop2The beautiful Hindu temple is open for visitors to admire the marvellous architecture and the colourful depictions of the gods and goddesses. My favourite place was the Mandir, the actual place of worship. The ceiling was carved out of white marble with such a richness of details and the room was lined with scenes of the lives of important gods. Everyone was only whispering and there was a very peaceful atmosphere.
Afterwards we went to the small museum included in the temple and learned about Hinduism, the history of India and the language of Sanskrit.

Back home, I cooked myself some chicken tikka for dinner and now I’m gonna watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I just feel like that’s the perfect way to conclude this very colourful and Indian day! 🙂

XX, Angie






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