Last weekend my dad came for a visit! 😀 He arrived with his little suitcase full of goodies for me from home: first gingerbread of the season, sweets and socks knitted by my grandmother. The weather forecast was great and our schedule for the weekend more than full.

PapaInLondon_ Collage

Here’s a short summary: Sunshine, bus stop, tea and spotted dick, Rugby-Worldcup-Finale, a pub, a pint, bangers & mash, Spectre at the Odeon. Buckingham Palace, the Guard’s Chapel, St. James Park, more tea, National Gallery and William Turner, Tower Bridge, Fish’n’Chips, fog, Leicester Square, The Play That Goes Wrong, another pub and baked potatoes. Rise and Shine, breakfast in Soho, the Tower of London in and out, a pub and soup of the day, relax.

It was a very lovely weekend! I always enjoy it a lot when my dad comes to visit. He’s such a good tourist and I always get to see new things in London with him!

XX, Angie


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