proper biscuits

This weekend I had to recreate a recipe from the Liz Earle Christmas and New Year magazine for the purpose of a review on the Industry Publicity blog. Flicking quickly trough the magazine, I chose to bake the “orange, chilli & ginger biscuits”. It sounded quite alright to me – until I read the list of ingredients: rice flour, coconut oil, stevia sweetener, almond butter. *uff*

Well, let’s just say I decided to improvise a bit and substituted some of the original condiments… And before I knew it, I threw butter, flour, eggs and icing sugar together to make a proper pastry.
The heck with dairy, gluten and whatnot free! I believe in goodness and I think proper biscuits need butter, sugar and a big portion of love! (And I don’t see how especially the latter could ever be provided by some nasty, plain-tasting rice flour or sweetener.)


So there you go: proper “orange, cranberry & cinnamon” biscuits, very loosely based on Liz Earle 😉

XX, Angie


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