Feeling very Festive!

Do you remember that lovely Fejka fake fir tree that I bought last year? Well, I am indeed a true Zopf – we hardly ever dispose of useless stuff! Through the year it wasn’t always easy (think moving house etc.) but now I’m really happy that I kept all the Christmas tree things! Because you never know when things come in handy!  (I hear my mother speaking! 😉 )

And guess what – here we go again!

As a little disclaimer I have to say that back at home, we the Christkind puts up the tree just before the 24th and actually I still think that’s the proper way to do. But well, we are not back at home and to be honest, when I walk through our street in the evening I’m seeing Christmas trees in living room windows since at least two weeks. So let’s just do as our dear Brits do!
Living with Andrea and Maria, two complete Christmas enthusiasts, our flat started to fill with tinsel, christmas ornaments and all kinds of seasonal decoration weeks ago! I don’t really know how we held out so long, but I guess it would just feel a little immoral to put up a Christmas tree before December… Anyway, it’s the first weekend of December and here we go: Fejka back in action!

Hope you have are feeling very festive as well!

XX, Angie

sorry, if I went a little ott on the collage, I just felt veeery festive tonight! 😉




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