Let there be light!

The City of London started this amazing festival, called Lumiere London. This weekend the whole city centre was covered with light installations by numerous international artists.
It reminded me a lot of the Fête des Lumières we went to see in Lyon a couple of years ago. *sweet memories*

Yesterday was the last day of the festival, and after lazing around at home all day long, Gonzo and me finally got up in the evening and met up with Isa and Diego.

We started the night with amazing Five Guys hamburgers and milkshakes and then went to explore the installations.
We made our way from Oxford Circus, down Regent Street to Piccadilly and on to Trafalgar Square. We couldn’t find the installation at the Mall but we had a lovely walk around St James’s. 🙂

It was simply beautiful! There were flying whales, jumping stickman, a giant elephant illusion, projection mapping on the Royal Academy of Arts and an illuminated fairy forest. It felt like walking trough a magical world of light!



When we went home, we were freezing. So the only reasonable thing to do was to take a hot bath, obviously 😉

XX, Angie




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