The early bird catches… the tube!

I’ve become an early bird – over night, so to say. 😉 My new job has me getting up at 6:30 ever day, in order to make the 75-minutes-commute and get to the office on time.

And it’s alright, actually. I enjoy being the first one in the house to get up and having the kitchen all to myself. I love seeing Gozo sleep peacefully and sometimes, when I kiss him good-bye, muttering some Spanish words. I like that in the tube I finally find time to read all those book accumulated on my bedside table.

But what I like best is the walk to the tube station. My way leads me trough the streets which seem still asleep, with people dresses in suits and ties slowly emerging like a vanguard to explore the new day and scrape the ice off their car windows. Almost every day the sky is bright and orange and I’m tempted to take a picture of the same house every morning, where the sun reflects very beautifully in the windows.
And whereas in the first weeks the sun was just about to rise when I left house, now it’s already light when I wake up. I love how the fixed wake-up-time makes me realize how the days get longer again. It makes me feel like spring is just around the corner – and actually, it is.

IMG_1802_IISunrise Collage

Hope you have lovely mornings too!

XX, Angie


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