Sunday Adventure

Today Gonzo and me went to the Columbia Road Flower Market. And it was beautiful. It’s a lovely street of small victorian brick houses, but nobody pays much attention, as the stalls with thousands and thousands of fresh flowers, pot plants, palm trees and the strange herbs  lining the side walk are clearly the stars of the show.


We arrived there around 2 pm, when the stalls are actually about to close, but people just keep coming. Also at this time, the market cries started announcing their very special offers of the day: “Best Orchids in the world – today only a 5er!” 😀

Honestly, I think whatever kind of plant you desire, this must be the right place to buy it. As we made our way down the road, we saw the strangest flowers and the most colourful plants, but mainly cut flowers of course. It was a feast for the eyes to see that many colourful flowers at once! Tulips in all the colours of the rainbow!


Gonzo had brought his new 100 mm lens to experiment and he took that sweet shot of me, when I just bought some absolutely lovely ranunculus and mimosas and I hugged them extra tight against the cold.

We made our way to Brick Lane and as it started to rain sought shelter and had hamburgers and waffles for lunch!

What a lovely, colourful and flowery Sunday! And thank you, Gonzo for that lovely picture! ❤

XX, Angie



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