Camden Town and Primrose Hill

Today was one of those sunny/cloudy/sunny again Sundays, but I determined to make the best of it, I went for a walk in Camden and onwards to Primrose Hill.

Now, Primrose Hill is a rater posh area of London, and one can clearly see that in the Victorian houses, fancy delis, little florists and dainty boutiques that seam the streets. The funny part is, that it’s really close to Camden, so within a couple of streets you can change from “alternative and cool” to “smart and chic”. And I did exactly that.

First I wandered around Camden Market, had a look at all the bric-a-brac stalls and imagined living in one of the rainbow coloured houses that make up most of the backstreets.
As I walked on towards Regent’s Park, the streets go a little less colourful, but the further up I went, swanky Tapas places and independent jewellery shops started to appear. Now I dreamt about being a well-to-Londoner and being able to afford a semi-detached Victorian house with a terrace.
When I finally arrived at the park, I went all the way to the top of Primrose Hill, found a lovely hidden bench and solved my murder case, while blissfully enjoying the setting sun. And now I wanted to live in a big old English mansion in the country side – or better not, as it appears to heighten your chances to get murdered 😉


Hope you had a lovely Sunday as well!

XX, Angie


Photos at Somerset House

Today I went to pick up Gonzo at Paddington Station when he came back from Maidenhead where he teaches drama and film on Saturdays. It was a nice and sunny, so we sat by the canal in Little Venice and had pizza for lunch.

For the last four weeks or so, the 2016 Sony World Photography Exhibition was on at Somerset House, and even though we really tried and made actual plans to go and see it earlier, we ended up going today, on the penultimate day of the exhibition. But hey! Better late than never, right? 😉


The exhibition was divided between the “Professionals” section in the West wing and the “Amateur” section in the East wing. The different categories included Architecture, Smile, Conceptual, Nature, Sport, Portraiture, Travel and Current Affairs. It was really interesting to see all the different photographs and styles, from documentary to campaign images.


We actually arrived quite late at the exhibition, but that meant when we saw the last couple of rooms, the sun was already quite low and dipped everything into heavy golden light – simply beautiful.

To finish off this lovely Saturday we had a walk on the Strand in the setting sun, and once home decided to have popcorn for dinner and made plans for summer. ❤

XX, Angie

We got a lot of Satisfaction!

Last week my dad came to London for his “traditional” half-yearly visit 😉 The first couple of days I had to work, so we only met in the evenings to see the historically first musical ever, Show Boat (which was great!) and to go out for dinner.

But Friday I was finally free and it was our main tourism day; we squeezed as much as we could out/into the day and it was great!

We went had breakfast in Soho, visited the Rolling Stones exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, lunched picknick-style in Green Park, rode the Emirates Airline across the Thames, had coffee in the O2 arena, walked around Canary Wharf and finished the day with a Jack the Ripper walking tour and a pint in the pub – and yes, we did all that in one single day.

I know, I know, all that sounds amazing, but believe me, EXHIBITIONISM was clearly the highlight of the day.
It shows the history and sheer massive-ness of the band and the phenomenon it became, let’s you participate in their recording sessions, shows the developing process of album covers, music videos and stage designs, it empties the tour wardrobes of Mick and Keith, displays unseen personal objects and eventually you end up “live on stage with the band”. Like I said: simply spectacular!


And the nicest thing of all was to enjoy all that with my dad, who is slightly music-crazy and simply the best!

XX, Angiiie 🎶 🎵

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