Austrian cliché

It might be a cliché: but I’m Austrian, and on Sundays we bake.

Well, I mean, it’s not like it’s compulsory or anything. But I daresay that we Austrians do appreciate having a nice cake with our coffee on Sundays – and basically every other day of the week as well 😉

After telling my non-Austrian friends about the Marmorgugelhupf I made last month, I got some requests to reproduce it here in London. First I thought it almost a blasphemy even considering making it in a square pan – but then I thought about cupcakes. Anything goes in cupcake-shape! So this week I made gorgeous, sumptuous and simply yummy marbled cupcakes – and a loaf. Keep your mind open cake-shape-wise! 😉


Happy Sunday, and enjoy your cake! Hmmm 😊

XX, Angie


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