Happy Birthday, your Majesty!

As we all know, the queen has two birthdays – technically that makes her 180 year old this year! 😉

The actual 90th birthday of her majesty was on the 21st of April, but as the chances are higher in summer to have a nice and sunny (very un-british) day to celebrate, the tradition established to move the official celebration parade Trooping the Colours to a weekend in June. Well, this plan failed: today was cold, grey and rainy.

I honestly thought about going and watching the queen – after all, I haven’t met her yet, even after almost three years in London. But the weather, and actual “warnings” in the newspaper to avoid the crowded areas kinda put me off.
Instead I went to Trafalgar Square, to see the live broadcast on massive screens and celebrate with others of equally low rank. Games, animation and “commonwealth street food” (as in: Indian curry, Australian burger, Jamaican chicken etc) were enjoy by Londoners and true Britons despite the rain.


Well, I didn’t stay very long eventually (did I mention the terrible weather?) and after I felt I had done my duty in celebrating, I went home and rewarded myself with a hot cuppa and biscuits. 😉

Happy Birthday, Liz!

XX, Angie


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