A colourful parcel full of love and happiness and unicorns

Guess what arrived today?! A belated birthday present, directly from London – filled with all kind of colouful love and unicorns!
Thank you so much Isa! It made me really happy and while I opened it, I missed you a lot. I hope we can celebrate the next birthday together!

I cant wait to read the book, it looks like it gonna be perfect for early pre-Christmas evenings 🙂

XX, Angie


Mangia Mangia

So I actually set out this morning, having a short walk at Campo dei fiori and perhaps a coffee with Giorgio in mind, never would I have thought I’d end up in Viterbo!

I went to town by bus and actually had a very lovley walk and read in the autumn sunshine before I met up with Giorgio – who spontaneously invited me to his hometown for the weekend! And as I literally had nothing better to do, I said yes! 😀
We went straight to the train station and off we went to Viterbo, which is about a two hour journey away from Rome. Once we arrived, we pretended to be tourists and Giorgio showed me the old town. We had marzipan witch-fingers for merenda and went to a Spaghetti restaurant for dinner – they had over 300 options on the menu, but I chose to try classic roman Amatriciana, and it was amazing!

We started the next day with fresh cornetti and had a second breakfast at the station – we didn’t included the sunday timetable on our plans and had to kill some spare time…
When we came back to Rome, nothing was left of the beautiful sunny weather of yesterday, the sky was grey and rainy. So I went back home and spent the rest of Sunday with chocolate and books.


Hope you had a nice and spontaneous weekend as well!

XX, Angie

A morning at the mercato

Today all the public transport in Rome was on strike – sciopero. That basically means that the whole city stands still and you only move from your doorstep if you absolutely must, as the replacement busses are more theoretical than actually existing. Luckily our profs at uni very sophisticatedly acknowledged that and so today we had no lessons.

Firstly, I am totally confused now, thinking the whole day that it’s Saturday already when it’s not. I was rather surprised when my flatmate came home this afternoon and started to tell me about her day at work – on a Saturday! oh, wait… >.<
But I used my surprise-free morning well and went for a walk on the market just a couple of streets away from my house. The sun was shining and the streets were full of hustle and bustle.


The mercato starts with two stands of clothing, one with “office stuff” like notebooks, tapes, scissors and all kinds of tools and a stand of flowers. In the middle is a stand with cheese and two which offer fresh fish. The market finishes with a stand that sells real Italian leather shoes. But in between are the fruttivendoli. There is literally one fruit and vegetable stand after another – and all sell more or less the same! Bell peppers cost 1 euro at every stand and the merchants shout the same offers. And it’s not like three or four, it must be at least twenty!

Honestly, I have no idea how the whole concept can be anywhere near economically successful, but apparently it works. I guess it’s one of the cases that make perfect sense if you ask an Italian, but for the rest of the world are an unsolved mystery! XD

The rest of the morning I spent finishing the birthday present for my flatmate, eating some of the cookies I baked yesterday, doing some housewife-y duties in order to avoid studying and receiving a long and lovely Skype call from London.

Still pondering about the market-mystery,

XX, Angie

Apple Crostata

Today I decided to bake a belated birthday cake for myself – but not just any cake, I decided to make apple pie!

I made it like my grandma does it, with shortcrust pastry and a wonderful cinnamon-y filling. But instead a normal cake tin, I decided to bake it in little Crostata shapes. Italian crostata is usually filled with apricot or plum jam, or perhaps nutella. So I put my own little Austrian twist on it *hmmm*


Hope you had an amazing weekend full of cake as well!

XX, Angie

Birthday Weekend à la Romana

It was my birthday last Friday and it started with lovely phone calls, a colourful surprise from my amazing conquilina on the kitchen table and a nice Cappuccino and cornetto breakfast before spending all morning at uni.
When I finally came back home in the afternoon, the doorbell rang and with “c’é il fioraio” a massive colourful bunch of flowers got delivered to my door! Seriously, I only know this kind of things from the movies! Anyway, I had to go out to buy an adequate vase, as my little sunflower vase couldn’t handle this blooming monstrosity.
We went out for dinner to “A Remo”, apparently a very famous through and through Roman Pizzeria, where you have to queue to get a table, the waiters shout over the heads of the customers and carry as many as seven pizzas at once and no one speaks a word of English ^^ Giorgio made me try Puntarelle (a weird vegetable, veeery typical in Rome), Augusto shared his Supplí with me, Sabrina had me try the Mozzarella di Buffala on her pizza, I stole some fiori di zucca from Claudio and I actually ordered a Cappricciosa for myself. And even though all this food was more than enough we had some ice cream and a walk in Trastevere for dessert, it was warm like in a summer’s night. 🙂

On Saturday afternoon I went out with Peppe and his friends. We did the whole touristic tour from Campo dei fiori, up to la Lupa Capitolina, around the Colosseo, on to Piazza Navona and then the Spanish Steps. We took stupid tourist pictures and I had some lessons in Sicilian.

On Sunday was super sunny as well but I had a very quite day. I went for a walk in the morning and then employed most of the afternoon into making little Apple Crostats – like the apple pie my grandma makes, but in Italian shape.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I might say I had a very lovely and very Roman birthday weekend 😀

Another year older:

XX, Angie

The great GERSBY

It has almost become a tradition by now: changing flat automatically means a trip to Ikea for me. So when I moved into my lovely, light, spacious room in Rome the only logical next step was a trip to Ikea!
For me Ikea means new things for a cozy home, it’s a place I only have happy memories about. I know, I totally buy their marketing concept – but it works.

I planned the trip for the whole week, changed the layout of the furniture in my room, took measures, discussed possible furniture combinations with my mum via Skype and wrote a very elaborate list.
And today the day finally arrived! Needless to say that I was very excited! I met up with a friend of mine and together we tackled the furniture shopping, but only after gathering strength with a prober Swedish-Italian breakfast: cinnamon buns and Cappuccino.

I have to say that I am very proud of us. We almost only got the things that were already on my list – and everything else simply deemed to absolutely necessary. Such as cute bedsheets, a manual eggbeater and embellished cups (candles were on the list!)

I guess after the many trips to Ikea I did in the last couple of years, it was only a question of time to move it to the next level: and so we took home all my acquisitions by tube! Augusto, the lifesaver, carried the GERSBY and I employed all my limbs to move along the rest of the stuff  😉


Everything is done now. The bookshelf is built, the new candle is lit and I’m enjoying a cup of tea in my new mug. My room is now graced by the presence of a beautiful white GERSBY, a MARIUS and a couple of PINGLA. Benvenuti!

XX, Angie the Ikea-expert 💪

Saturday, sunshine and a book – what else you need? :)

After two days of the-world-is-about-to-end-rain the sun finally came back out today. I decided to celebrate this occasion by spending the afternoon exploring the park at Villa Borghese.

I made way there past myriads of tourists and up the Spanish Steps – when you go up there are actually no people at all! All the lazy tourists stay at the bottom 😉

The park is huuge! Although I had quite a long walk, I only managed to see a little bit. I watched the little boats on the pond and then placed myself strategically on a park bench in order to soak up some sunshine whilst reading.


And when it finally started to get cold, I found a lovely little café and had some tea and dolci for merenda – quite an English-Italian clash, I admit. Old habits die hard! ^^

XX, Angie

New flat? – New oven!

One thing that comes inevitably with a new flat is: a new oven! And that obviously asks for a test!

Being inspired by a very fancy merenda the other day at Eataly, I decided to try Baci di dama, for the first bake at my Roman home.
I consulted my very handy Accademia Barilla cook book and that’s the result:


Baci di dama are basically shortbread cookies with almonds and orange zest, glued together with chocolate, or in my case with a mix of chocolate and Nutella 😉

Yes, I am quite satisfies with the performance of the oven… And the baci as well!

Baci di austriaca,


But first: home!

I know, I know – But you just arrived! you’d say. I know. And believe me, my fist few days in Rome were quite intense: looking for a flat, getting to know the city and straight away attending a summer school.
But since leaving London, the idea has always been that if by the end of September and before the official start of lessons at uni there is some time left, we’d be going home. Well, initially I also wanted to spend some time in Galicia, but unfortunately flight schedules and prices didn’t cooperate – so I spent a whole of 10 days in Austria!! 😀

And it was amazing! The weekend I arrived, the fair was in town (the prefect occasion to wear the Dirndl), the weather was beau-ti-ful all week long, I spent a lot of time with my little sister and my family and both my grandmas agreed that the best was to get some more flesh on my ribs was to feed me proper traditional Austrian food.
Actually nothing outstanding happened, apart form afternoon coffees and cakes in the sun, stunning autumn days, long chats with my friends, cookie binges with my mum and motorcycle rides with my dad and my sister. Everything was just normal – but a normal that has become so rare for me that it was like the best thing ever to come down after a crazy summer and let me charge my batteries looking ahead to a stressful first semester.


And all I can say is that every time I get home, I am again surprised by the beauty of Austria – I guess by now I’m annoying everyone back home with my sudden exclamations of joy when we drive down a super ordinary street. ^^ And everything is even more beautiful in autumn, when everything slowly turns orange!

Anyway, now I’m back in Italy, fully relaxed and full of food and sunshine, ready to tackle a new challenge.

Hab euch alle lieb daheim und ihr fehlst ma jetzt schon!

XX, Angie