Show me how you Burlesque

Yesterday we rather unexpectedly attended an absolutely spectacular Burlesque show.

I don’t have any experience with Burlesque, apart form Christina Aguilera’s movie from 2010 (which I loved!) and a little show I saw once in Soho. So it’s fair to say I was rather taken by surprise. Our expectations were low as the tickets were free – but oh my god was it glorious!

The venue, Salone Margherita, was stunning! Red velvet seats and curtain and an artsy ceiling made of coloured glass. People had Aperitivo before the show, and the waitresses wore short skirts and white aprons.

The show started with the singer/hostess giving a short introduction about the history of Burlesque and telling us that we’d have to be loud, shout and clap, not like any boring theatre spectator. And then the show began. I guess by now you got that I was quite blown away; everything was so classy and stylish, sexy but in a very sophisticated way.


I enjoyed it a lot and the only thing I was missing was an expensive bottle of champagne in our booth 😉

XX, Angie


Habemus visitors!

Last weekend my dad came to visit me – and he brought my little sister along as a surprise! 😀

I was so happy to see them both – but especially Kathi, as she was making quite sure I knew how busy she was and how she absolutely had no time to come to Italy when I invited her – well played! 😛

Well, we had quite some busy days here too, based on all the sights, cappuccini and cornetti we ticked off our tourist bucket list. Basically, I managed to show them all major tourist sites of the eternal city in just about three days – we even spent one day at the beach, soaking up Italian autumnal sunshine (people were still swimming in the sea!).
I know it sounds a bit stressful, but mind you, we had enough coffee and gelato brakes to regain strength and energy throughout: my dad absolutely loves Italian espresso and la dolce vita, so coffee in the sun at least thrice a day was obligatory – and so was delicious dinner!


We had a really lovely time discovering Rome together and it was a good feeling to show them my room, the streets I walk in every day on my way to uni, the uni itself and my favourite spots in the city. After explaining everything on Skype, it was nice to share it in “real life”.

I’m looking forward to the next visit! (In the spring the orange trees are in bloom… ^^)

XX, Angie