Cinnamon Procrastination

So next week we have the first big exam of the semester. I have a lot to learn and everyone in my course is going crazy about what the prof is going to ask us – Perfect timing to try a new cinnamon roll recipe, right?

In my defense I have to say that I was really up to study but then I found this very intriguing one-hour-cinnamon-rolls recipe online and all I wanted was a quick autumn-y bake for the last weekend of November and to sweeten up my study sessions…
Well, it just happened that instead of the simple mixture indicated in the recipe I opted for the slightly more complicated and time-consuming yeast dough and oopsy daisy, the whole afternoon was gone – but oh boy, I wish I could have captured the smell of my apartment!


I am very proud of the outcome, to be honest. They were warm, buttery and soft. Basically like a tight and cozy winter hug – but to eat! The butter-sugar-orange peel-cinnamon-filling was so delicious, I just ate all the leftovers plane with a spoon. And also I had cinnamon buns for dinner that day, but it’s ok, because they were gooood ^^

Oh, and I actually did manage to study a little in the evening after all. See, sweet pleasure and duty are not that hard to combine!

Another grandma-level unlocked!

XX, Angie

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