How to fix a grey mood

When I came back to Rome after the Christmas break, everything seemed a bit grey: the sky, my mood, the perspective of the exam session lying ahead of me.

After being home, surrounded by my family for almost two weeks and spending some days in London with my “second family” – in short: always being with a bunch of people – I felt a bit lonely the first days back in Italy. And the weather didn’t help at all: awful rainy and windy days welcomed me back here and made me feel even worse!

On the other hand it was good to be back, you know? This is where my stuff is. It’s where the towels are actually mine – not borrowed from my sister or my boyfriend; where my favourite pullovers are in the wardrobe and where I have the books I am currently reading and my computer.

Well, all in all I felt a bit weird and un-rooted.

But hey! Do you know what to do when you feel grey? – Add some pink mini marshmallows!  And everything’s gonna look brighter in an instant! 😀


Awww, yes! I brought those little baddies from London because yes, you guessed it: sweet souvenirs are my favourite!

Sweet kisses, Angie

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