Carnevale Romano

Since weeks now, little kids are throwing confetti in the streets for no obvious reasons and I love it because it looks like it’s been raining colourful paper! But apart from that, not much celebrating is going on. It’s the official carnival weekend! And while my friends and family keep sending me pictures of their costumes and parties they’d go to, I am having a hard time to find out what to do in Rome during carnevale.

Yesterday I read in the newspaper that the famous Roman Carnival parade is taking place at 3pm at Piazza del Popolo – so I had an early lunch, left house punctually and arrived there around 2:30 in order to get a spot with a good view – only to be told that it surely won’t start before 4:30. I should have guessed it.
Anyway, after coffee, window shopping and quite a long walk, I arrived back at the piazza, where a presenter started to give an introduction to the spectacle. It turned out that the “famoso carnevale romano” is a historic parade. In other words: several groups and individuals in historic costumes parade and ride through the streets and throw confetti and sweets to the crowd. It all makes kinda sense, as the anchor explained that in former days,  in carnival the rich families would present their fanciest clothes and carriages to the lower classes – But it just wasn’t what I was expecting. It was nice to watch the elaborate dresses and military uniforms of various centuries, but it wasn’t quite as entertaining. The nicest thing was the big firework that closed the evening! 😀

Today me and some friends went to a food truck festival in the Parco della Musica (what a lovely name!) and even though it was clearly not carnival-related I brought confetti and blow-outs and embarrassed us all. Needless to say we had a proper confetti fight in the end!



But boh!, at least now I’ve seen the apparently veeery famous Roman carnival parade and threw confetti in the streets!

XX, Angie


Valentine’s Bakery

I know it’s still a couple of days until Valentine’s Day, but it was weekend and I couldn’t wait to finally try the heart-shaped moulds my mum gave me for Christmas…

So, much to the pleasure of Sabrina who has a sweet tooth just like me, and a bit to the dismay of Graziella who is trying a new diet, I whipped up those chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with home made chocolate ganache. *yum*


Let me ask you, is there any better way to show your love than with chocolate cupcakes in heart-shape, topped with chocolate ganache and heart-shaped pink sprinkles? I don’t believe so… 😉

Hope you’ll have a sweet Valentine’s day! Love you all very much ❤

XX, Angie

Sunday at the Museo di Roma

Today was the perfect museum weather: rainy and grey with the clouds hanging low and as it was the first Sunday of the month entrance to all city-run museums was free. So we decided to visit the Mueso di Roma, at Palazzo Braschi.

The collection of the museum is absolutely huge, so we joined a guided tour focused on Baroque paintings. Unfortunately I am quite illiterate when it comes to the classic arts. I mean, I enjoy looking at paintings and sculptures, it’s just that I understand rather little of it. So when the lovely lady talked about centuries, painters and techniques I didn’t understand much. But the paintings we saw were fascinating and I know that Caravaggio is an important name 😉
I really enjoyed walking through the beautiful palace, admiring not only the artworks, but also the rooms, painted ceilings and grand staircases. I felt a bit like a princess in an enchanted castle – surrounded by Japanese and Spanish tourists that compete to take selfies with famous paintings.


I did learn a lot about art though and felt very sophisticated when I left. I finished my lovely Sunday with a stroll to Piazza di Spagna and  Via del Corso.

Hope you had a good Sunday too,
XX, a very cultivated Angie

More tulips!

Today is Saturday. Today I had to get up at 6 am in order to get to university on time to write the Media Planning exam.

We had a written exam first and the prof corrected it straight away – and we had some caffè and cornetti breakfast in the meantime, discussing all the questions, possible answers and mistakes and getting each other nervous for the oral exam that was still to come… Then we were called in to do the oral part. I was rather nervous, but I ended up getting the highest mark (30 e lode). I am in fact rather proud of myself!

On the way home I decided to celebrate my success and the super sunny day with a bunch of tulips and some strawberries – classy.  😀


(The morning was really sunny and lovely, but it started raining the moment I came home – I guess that’s a sign to grab a book, hide under the blankest and just do nothing for the rest of the day. Maybe have some strawberries for merenda.)

Have a good weekend!

XX, Angie