Happy Thanksgiving!

As a European, pumpkin pie is something I know from American films and television series. It’s not even a thing in the UK, as far as I can tell.

So when I found a can of pumpkin puree in my local deli I simply had to get it – for research purposes, obviously!
Most of the recipes for pumpkin pie I found online ask for a pre-made pie shell, as in: “Take your store-bought pie base, whip up the filling and amaze your family this Thanksgiving!” (Yeah, my discovery came just in time for a Thanksgiving pie!) So I actually had to figure out how to make a proper pie base first. It involved a lot of butter and a lot of love, but I got there eventually. The filling was rather easy; though I had to do some magic, as I didn’t find all the stuff I needed in the local supermarket and I had to improvise a pie dish.


Long story short: I bake my first pumpkin pie, just in time for Thanksgiving and my flatmate’s birhtday! And it turned out quite nice, actually (as far as I can tell, not having tased one ever before :D)

XX, a very American Angie

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