Peace & Love

My dad and my sister went to see Ringo Starr and his All Star Band a while back in Vienna, and they had only good things to say about the concert! I knew Ringo would come to Rome too, but first, I couldn’t find anyone who’d be interested in going with me (no Beatles fans amongst my Italian friends?!) and second, the affordable tickets sold out crazy fast.

Anyhow, yesterday was the day. So I decided I’d go there anyway, perhaps grab some pizza and hang around, waiting to maybe hear them play. BUT: when I checked out the location online, I saw that they had a flash sale and released another bunch of cheap-ish tickets! That was a sign! I bought a ticket and left home in a hurry. 🙂

I never went to a concert that last-minute and I never went to a concert on my own before! 

I arrived at the Parco della Musica just in time and was at my seat at 8:55, giving me just enough time for a cheeky concert-selfie, as the concert started punctually at 9:00. (Most of the audience was late. The seats only filled up within the first two songs – noted also by Ringo, who jokingly told off the Italians.)

It was a open-air concert, in a rather small amphitheatre-like venue. The band was lovely, it was basically a bunch of elderly men having a good time on stage, joking with the audience and between them. The audience itself was also mostly composed by, as I’d call it, mature music-connoisseurs: mainly men, around my dad’s age, sporting t-shirts of the Beatles or previous Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney or Rolling Stones (why?) tours. For illustration: I’ve never been to a concert before, where the women’s bathroom had no queue at all, and the men’s went out and almost around the building. Next to me sat two guys who sang along euphorically, “played” all the instruments and did the background chorus too. I think they had a good time!

The concert was amazing! All the songs they played were well-known classics and it was simply fantastic to hear them live! One of my favourites was Black Magic Woman, it was very sexy. But the highlight was definitely to sing along to Yellow Submarine with Ringo! I mean, I sang with 1/4 of the Beatles! ❤ Ringo himself gave the impression of a humble guy who enjoyed being on stage with other great musicians. The atmosphere was really great! They finished off the concert with With A Little Help From My Friends and Give Peace A Chance – which many people kept humming and singing on the way out of the venue.

So I went to a concert all by myself – a thing I never thought I’d do. But it was an exciting experience! It being a last minute decision definitely made it easier, I didn’t have time to reflect on it properly. And despite missing someone to nudge and sing and share those moments with, I had a great time! I shouted and clapped and sang along to some of the most well know songs ever!

Hare Krishna,

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