Mama_Collage.jpgAs schools in Austria close for easter holidays already during the whole of holy week (as oppose to Italy, where schools and unis only close after Wednesday), my mum came to visit me in Rome! ❤ She recently discovered online booking, so the whole trip was planned and booked when she arrived.

Unfortunately I couldn’t spend all the time with her, as I still had lessons and even an exam on Wednesday (Economics, urgh!) but we managed to spend a lot of time together. It was so good to show her “my Rome” and we had a really nice time!

We had authentic Pizza, went to see a Burlesque show, had caffé and cornetto, lunched in a little restaurant just around the corner of Saint Peter’s square (but hidden from the tourists), I introduced her to fried zucchini flowers and showed her the little mercato close to my house. But the highlights were definitely the guided tour she’d booked for us through Saint Peter’s church and the cupola on Wednesday afternoon just after I finished my exam, and the tour of the Colosseo, Palatine Hill, the Forum Romanum, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona on Thursday – yes, that was one massive walking tour and afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a proper pizza and amazing gelato. 😀

I really enjoyed having my mum here, strolling through the streets together, pointing out my favourite vincolos and gelaterias and take her to shop at Tiger (she loves colourful useless things just as much as I do). The best part was that I could finally show her my little apartment and room, which she’s only seen on Skype so far and that she could help me pack and get ready for my journey to Kuwait.

On Friday morning she came to pick me up and we had breakfast together before she saw me off to the airport. Everything’s just so much nicer with a mum around 🙂

Danke Mama, hab die Woche sehr genossen!

XX, Angie


Oh là là, Tarantula!

This weekend my cousin Klaus came for a blitz-visit! He arrived late on Thursday and left early on Sunday – which means we had only two days to jam in the most of Rome we could. And we did!

On Friday we had a walk at the beach at Ostia and Aperol with a view of the seaside, took beach selfies and on the way back had Pasta at Eataly. We walked around Circo Massimo to the Colosseo, had ice cream and Aperitivo in the sunshine and finally went out for drinks with a view of the Colosseo (and met some interesting French guys! XD).

Saturday was the “let’s see all the important sights”-day. After a proper Roman breakfast with Maritozzi (brioche buns filled to the brim with whipped cream) and Tramezzini we took the bus to the centre and started our tour: being young and fit we managed to walk all the way from the Vatican to Castel Sant Angelo, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, on to the Trevi Fountain (where we tossed a coin, of course!) and the Spanish Steps, where we finally sat down for a coffee and consulted the guide book for all the sights we saw and just briefly stopped to take a picture before heading to the next one – that’s time efficient tourism! 😉 To end our little marathon we went to see the “Secret of Rome”, which apparently is not so secret any more, as there was a queue of people and a souvenir stand. So we skipped it. But we were just in time to see the sunset form the Orangery at the Aventine Hill, which is an absolutely fantastic view!


Oh, and if you are wondering about the “Tarantula” in the title: On Thursday nigh, after picking up my cousin at Termini station and getting some pizza, we came home and my flatmate welcomed us with the news that she saw a big tarantula in the back of the kitchen.  😱
After the first panic faded away and Klaus’ face got some of it’s original colour back, we elaborated the subject a little more and it turned out that said “spider” had only four legs… and that Graziella confused our little house-lizard (we named him Lucio) with a massive spider.

Benvenuto in Italia, Klaus … and by the way, in summer there are scorpions too.

Thanks for the visit, the gossip, the memories, ice cream and post cards! Come back soon!

XX, Angie

Habemus visitors!

Last weekend my dad came to visit me – and he brought my little sister along as a surprise! 😀

I was so happy to see them both – but especially Kathi, as she was making quite sure I knew how busy she was and how she absolutely had no time to come to Italy when I invited her – well played! 😛

Well, we had quite some busy days here too, based on all the sights, cappuccini and cornetti we ticked off our tourist bucket list. Basically, I managed to show them all major tourist sites of the eternal city in just about three days – we even spent one day at the beach, soaking up Italian autumnal sunshine (people were still swimming in the sea!).
I know it sounds a bit stressful, but mind you, we had enough coffee and gelato brakes to regain strength and energy throughout: my dad absolutely loves Italian espresso and la dolce vita, so coffee in the sun at least thrice a day was obligatory – and so was delicious dinner!


We had a really lovely time discovering Rome together and it was a good feeling to show them my room, the streets I walk in every day on my way to uni, the uni itself and my favourite spots in the city. After explaining everything on Skype, it was nice to share it in “real life”.

I’m looking forward to the next visit! (In the spring the orange trees are in bloom… ^^)

XX, Angie

We got a lot of Satisfaction!

Last week my dad came to London for his “traditional” half-yearly visit 😉 The first couple of days I had to work, so we only met in the evenings to see the historically first musical ever, Show Boat (which was great!) and to go out for dinner.

But Friday I was finally free and it was our main tourism day; we squeezed as much as we could out/into the day and it was great!

We went had breakfast in Soho, visited the Rolling Stones exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, lunched picknick-style in Green Park, rode the Emirates Airline across the Thames, had coffee in the O2 arena, walked around Canary Wharf and finished the day with a Jack the Ripper walking tour and a pint in the pub – and yes, we did all that in one single day.

I know, I know, all that sounds amazing, but believe me, EXHIBITIONISM was clearly the highlight of the day.
It shows the history and sheer massive-ness of the band and the phenomenon it became, let’s you participate in their recording sessions, shows the developing process of album covers, music videos and stage designs, it empties the tour wardrobes of Mick and Keith, displays unseen personal objects and eventually you end up “live on stage with the band”. Like I said: simply spectacular!


And the nicest thing of all was to enjoy all that with my dad, who is slightly music-crazy and simply the best!

XX, Angiiie 🎶 🎵

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Unfinished business…

Once upon a December, in our first winter in the London, in the very beginning, when my sister Kathi and I used to live together in Queens Park, we decided to go ice skating.

We made it to the Natural History Museum ice rink but then decided very spontaneously to call the whole thing off. We went for a walk on the Southbank instead but as soon as we were home again, we regretted our decision – it’s just that ice skating on one of the picturesque rinks seems one of the things to do in London before Christmas.  And for reasons unknown we didn’t make it to go back and tick “ice skating in front of the Natural History Museum” off our list before Kathi left and went back to Austria. So there you go, that’s the story behind the unfinished business Kathi and I have in London.


But never fear! I used my mighty older-sister-powers and fixed it! My Christmas present came early this year: I invited Kathi to London and we had the most magical Christmas weekend in London – including lots of tea and scones, long walks, talks and bus rides, Christmas departments and shopping for presents, a shoe exhibition, watching Frozen, cuddles, cookies and chocolate… and a skating session on the beautiful Swarovski ice rink! Tick! 😉

Hab dich lieb, kleiner Stern!

XXX, Angie


Finalmente Estate!

Summer time is visitor’s time!
And who was missing on my list? My lovely and beautiful sister, obviously! 😀

We had a really nice and cozy weekend, with lots of tea, biscuits, gossip and Disney movies (rainy season started in London). Today we went to the airport together. Kathi took the plane back to Austria and I went to Napoli.

I am going to join Gonzo at Cdm – again 😉

Right now I sit in a nice Treno Regionale, with a view to the seaside and the sun is beaming through the window. When we left London this morning, it had merely 17 degrees, now it’s about 32!
When I arrive, I’ll lie on the beach like a lizard, soaking up the heat – as compensation for the the rainy London “summer”. Gonzo went to CdM already two weeks before me and to make sure that I’ll take a good holiday before throwing myself into work, he declared “you won’t be allowed to work with me without a sufficient level of tan!!”

Well, so I guess I better go to work! 😉

Hope you have a lovely summer everyone – mine just started now!

Tanti baci, Angie


Oh Well!!

Did I ever mention how much I miss my Erasmus times? No? Well.. a lot! But I miss my Erasmus friends even more!

And so I was simply over the moon when Tici came to visit me last week – from Brazil!
I have to mention though, the whole thing was a bit spontaneous, in the sense of “I’m coming to Europe, are you there?” 🙂


But, oh well, we had a lovely time, full of tourist attractions, musicals and curiosities. And I want to thank mother nature for the creation of the selfie-stick 😉

muitos beijos, Angie

Proud to be Pride

This weekend Pride took place in London. It’s one of the biggest celebration of the LGBT community. The highlight was definitely yesterday’s Pride Parade.
I met up with Monica for brunch in Soho, where all the streets were decorated in rainbow colours and then we went to see the parade at Oxford Circus.

It was simply awesome! I’ve never seen anything like it before. There were wagons and busses, decorated, glittery and colourful, people in costumes, dancers, marching bands. Big organisations and companies, like TfL, the Miners Union, London Fire Brigade and Starbucks were participating with very impressive vehicles and much ado and even the Armed Forces were marching to show their support; and then there were small community centres, help groups, and NGOs, just marching, showing pride. The most heart-warming was a small group with a very humble banner, stating the support of elderly LGBTs – and grey-haired men, women and couples walking hand in hand.


And as a cherry on this rainbow-coloured cake, we had a small IULM reunion and a bit of uni-nostalgia as we met up with Luca and Valery – friends from our uni in Milano who happen to live in Abu Dhabi now, but came to London to attend Luca’s graduation.


*here’s to the Iulmini*

a very happy, supportive and colourful
Angie, XX

Attention! Wild Austr(al)ians in London!

First of all: thanks for the Backerbesn, the Almdudler, Hanni und Nanni books and heimatliche vibes you brought for me, girls!

And now be honest, who wouldn’t have a good time when the sun is (finally) shining in London and an instagram-perfect austro-australian couple takes over your living room? 🙂 Exactly!

Let me give you a brief summary of my last week:

Tea, an introduction to the art of peanutbutter-nutella-cookies, explain to Spanish flatmates the concept of Almdudler, “off to Hogwarts!”, a walk in Camden, run to work, pancakes with maple syrup, bacon with maple syrup, everything with maple syrup!, toys (if you know what I mean…), maps not facing north, almost rowing boats in the park, instant-instagram-pics, sun and daisies, colours and soap and scents and more soaps, pizza, work, work, late breakfast, work, “but everything is walkable!”, crackling and Yorkshire pudding, eaton mess *hmm*, work, “it’s the fault of the red witch!”, too many souvenirs, tea.

Sophie and Zabi CollageII

Yes, that’s about it.
Thanks, Sophie and Zabi for that busy but very pleasurable week!!

XX, Angie