A very female dilemma…

And what that might be, you may ask? Well, shoes obviously! (Nah, I’m totally not writing my thesis about gender roles and stereotypes, and this is ab-so-lutely not sarcastic!)

Let’s start at the beginning: On the day it snowed in Rome, I noted that my winter boots were giving in. After I went on what one might call a little Photo Safari of snowy Rome, my feet were soaked. “No worries”, I thought, “it’s the end of February, spring is basically around the corner. And after all, I still have my trusty Chelsea boots.” However, they turned out not to be too trustworthy either. On the next rainy day they gave up on me too.

My dilemma was thus composed by two factors:

A) I do not own waterproof shoes and rain-sun-rain season is still going on.

B) A holiday in Galicia is coming up.

If the point about Galicia is confusing you, let me tell you that it comprises the fact that Gonzo pointed out to me – on numerous occasions – that in Galicia it will rain – not sizzle, drizzle or sprinkle, but rain. Properly.

But never fear! I set out to fix my problem.
Last weekend I roamed the whole centre of Rome in search of some wintery shoes – without any success. The sales are long over and now the shelves are filled with sandals, high heels and the occasional fashion statement-boot with very intriguing yet frightfully unpractical cut-outs in the ankle and toe area. Obviously the few shoes I did find were in ridiculous sizes (such as 36 and 42) or of very typical Italian fashion – with lots of studs and rhinestone applications.

Eventually I got lucky in a cheap shoe outlet a bit further out, where I managed to find what seemed practical and comfortable shoes in my size without any useless and very disturbing fashion statements attached. (The bus ride there and back would make up for its own story though)


From now on, a wonderful pair of mint green trainers will accompany me on my adventures and will put an spring in my step. (Oh yes, and I got a pair of boots too.)

XX, Angie



An Austrian summer

Basically I’ve spent the whole summer at home. Two and a half months: from the beginning of July to the middle of September. I guess that’s the perks of being a student! 🙂

I haven’t spent a full summer at home since I left for my Erasmus 5 years ago. Of course I usually came back for a couple of days during summer at some point, but I never spent that amount of time at home. And let me tell you: it was beautiful. I actually had time to arrive at home. I do confess that I never actually did empty my suitcase and it was just a messy little island in my room all the time, but I had time to breathe while I was home. Usually when I come home, it’s for a certain occasion, such as a wedding or Christmas, and then generally lots of appointments and catch-ups are involved in a rather short time. What I mean is that this time there were days in which I had nothing to do, when I went to my grandma’s for lunch, baked yet another cake or lied in the sun reading. I had time to do nothing.

And while I was home, I had time to reconnect with the little pleasures, that started to slip my mind. Like a late swim in the lake on a hot day or a spontaneous barbecue on our terrace. I had almost forgotten about the fireflies. I had time to rediscover and be astonished by the beauty of our region. I stared to suffer from that particular case of homesickness which I mentioned before: it always ever strikes me when I’m home.

Here’s some things that happened or which I enjoyed while being back home in Austria (and be sure it’s not an exhaustive list):

  • My amazingly talented sister got her degree in traditional dressmaking and the whole family dressed in our traditional costumes and celebrated
  • I did an internship in a web marketing agency
  • My dad and me got soaked at the open air concert of Zucchero
  • Having ice cream with Kathi in Salzburg
  • Hiking with my dad
  • We went to see the famous play Jederman and mingled with the rich and famous
  • My dad, Kathi and me went to Italy over Ferragosto and had lots of cappuccino and cornetti and saw a fantastic firework
  • Lots of barbecues on our terrace, some planned, some impromptu
  • Lots of baking
  • Lots of coffee with friends and family
  • My grandmas cooking for me
  • Making marmalade myself for the first time: apricot and whiskey flavour
  • Motorcycle rides with my dad and Kathi
  • Lots of bathing in our beautiful lakes
  • Kathi tailored a bespoke and absolutely beautiful Dirndl for me
  • Meeting up with my high school friends
  • I got a new pair of glasses
  • A blitz visit to Vienna, to participate at a Trekkie meeting, me being dressed as an intergalactic hitchhiker
  • The leaves started to turn orange and slowly but surely autumn kept coming
  • A weekend in the spa with mum and Kathi
  • Lots of reading
  • Seeing the Rolling Stones live in concert.

After seeing the Rolling Stones (!!!) live in concert (!!!) on a muddy race track and sleeping an estimate hour and a half, I left to Galicia early in the morning on the 17th of September. But that’s another story and shall be told in another blog post. 🙂

In the meantime enjoy some summer photos of my hometown, my family and some mountains.

XX, Angie