Ho fatto una Pastiera e ne sono molto fiera!

After baking a Tortano last year, which turned out really good actually, the only logical next step in my Italian easter baking progression, was to attempt a Pastiera.

I read a bunch of recipes over the last week, did a big ingredients shopping and finally on the weekend, between studying and skype-writing a group project with my colleagues from uni, I baked the Napolitan easter cake, filled with cooked grain, a rich ricotta cream and candid orange and lemon zest.

It’s a rather complicated recipe and basically every nonna has her own version. My hopes weren’t that high, given that it was my first attempt, but I got a bunch of compliments from my flatmates and my friends from uni, so I guess I’ve done well. 🙂


I am really proud of it, especially as it was the first time I made it! Now I’m one step closer to obtain the official grandma-certificate 😉

XX, Angie

Roman Advent Adventures: Gingerbread

I made gingerbread! For the very first time actually and I am really quite proud: I precisely followed the instructions of the recipe of my grandmother and I have to say that they turned out amazing! The whole flat smells like Christmas and the gingerbread tastes like home.  ❤

Funnily gingerbread is not a known thing in Italy. Some know gingerbread men from american movies or the gingerbread house from fairytales. But most are completely oblivious to it; just like my flatmate who had no idea what I was talking about when I told her about my baking plans for the weekend and who never tasted gingerbread in her life – but when she did, her eyes widened and she said “but… it’s like christmas to eat!”

I prepared the dough on Friday evening and spent all Saturday afternoon making and baking the actual cookies. And that’s the result:

I wish you could smell my flat right now!
(another grandma-level unlocked!)

XX, a very proud Angie

Ho cucinato un Tortano!


L’anno scorso Gonzo ed io abbiamo passato Pasqua, Pasquetta e un paio di giorni pieni di sole, amici, gelato e cibo a Napoli – a Casa Ricca, a Casagiove, per essere preciso. 🙂

Ogni giorno la mamma di Andrea ha cucinato per noi e abbiamo mangiato benissimo! Una cosa che mi é piaciuta soprattutto era il Tortano e un giorno mi ha spiegato com’é fatto e io ho preso di appunti.

Quest’anno, quando é arrivata la primavera, ho cercato il mio quaderno e ho cucinato un Tortano. Non me ne voglio vantare – il risultato é stato eccellente!
Ho comprato i salumi e i formaggi in un piccolo negozio italiano e la commessa ha riso quando ho spiegato cosa volevo fare. Purtroppo non ho la teglia a forma di ciambella, ma solo rettangolare. Anche in forma pagnotta – sono molto fiera del pasticcio che ho combinato!


E quando Andrea ha assaggiato il mio Tortano Napoletano, mi ha detto che il sapore é proprio giusto! 😀

Tanti Baci,