Roman Advent Adventures: Gingerbread

I made gingerbread! For the very first time actually and I am really quite proud: I precisely followed the instructions of the recipe of my grandmother and I have to say that they turned out amazing! The whole flat smells like Christmas and the gingerbread tastes like home.  ❤

Funnily gingerbread is not a known thing in Italy. Some know gingerbread men from american movies or the gingerbread house from fairytales. But most are completely oblivious to it; just like my flatmate who had no idea what I was talking about when I told her about my baking plans for the weekend and who never tasted gingerbread in her life – but when she did, her eyes widened and she said “but… it’s like christmas to eat!”

I prepared the dough on Friday evening and spent all Saturday afternoon making and baking the actual cookies. And that’s the result:

I wish you could smell my flat right now!
(another grandma-level unlocked!)

XX, a very proud Angie

New flat? – New oven!

One thing that comes inevitably with a new flat is: a new oven! And that obviously asks for a test!

Being inspired by a very fancy merenda the other day at Eataly, I decided to try Baci di dama, for the first bake at my Roman home.
I consulted my very handy Accademia Barilla cook book and that’s the result:


Baci di dama are basically shortbread cookies with almonds and orange zest, glued together with chocolate, or in my case with a mix of chocolate and Nutella 😉

Yes, I am quite satisfies with the performance of the oven… And the baci as well!

Baci di austriaca,



Getting ready for our summer in Italy and at the same time packing everything up as we’re moving out of our current flat, it seemed only logical that for my last bake in this kitchen I’d choose a recipe out of the Academia Barilla cook book that Andrea gave me ages ago.

I chose to try to bake some crunchy and tasty Cantuccini. And while doing so, I had the epiphany that “biscotti” in Italian means literally “twice cooked” – just what you do with Cantuccini!

Here are some pictures of my results:


I almost don’t dare say it, but I am so pleased with myself! And even Gonzo and Andrea confirmed that they taste like to little biscuits that you’d get in Italy with your coffee! 😀

I guess that can mean only one thing: I’m ready to go to Italy!

Tanti baci, Angie

Ho cucinato un Tortano!


L’anno scorso Gonzo ed io abbiamo passato Pasqua, Pasquetta e un paio di giorni pieni di sole, amici, gelato e cibo a Napoli – a Casa Ricca, a Casagiove, per essere preciso. 🙂

Ogni giorno la mamma di Andrea ha cucinato per noi e abbiamo mangiato benissimo! Una cosa che mi é piaciuta soprattutto era il Tortano e un giorno mi ha spiegato com’é fatto e io ho preso di appunti.

Quest’anno, quando é arrivata la primavera, ho cercato il mio quaderno e ho cucinato un Tortano. Non me ne voglio vantare – il risultato é stato eccellente!
Ho comprato i salumi e i formaggi in un piccolo negozio italiano e la commessa ha riso quando ho spiegato cosa volevo fare. Purtroppo non ho la teglia a forma di ciambella, ma solo rettangolare. Anche in forma pagnotta – sono molto fiera del pasticcio che ho combinato!


E quando Andrea ha assaggiato il mio Tortano Napoletano, mi ha detto che il sapore é proprio giusto! 😀

Tanti Baci,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, yes, I know, I know. Valentine’s Day is a day just like every other and completely overrated. But let me tell you, it’s the best day to try out this new recipe I found.

Eventually it’s plain vanilla shortbread – but with colourful hearts inside! How cool is that? I am super happy with how they turned out, especially considering that it’s the first attempt. So yeah, this year I am gonna spread the love in cookie shape!


And the biggest one of all goes to my Mr. Man. Last week was particularly tough for me. I just started my new job and had to get used to getting up early, long commute, new colleagues and, well, the new job. Duh!
But what I want to say is, that when I came home in the evening, all grumpy and hungry, he cooked dinner and asked me how my day was. He’d put little surprise sweets in my lunchbox and texted me in my break. You know, the little things.

I know that sometimes I don’t see it. Sometimes I’m completely oblivious. But most of the times I notice. He’s always taking care of me. ❤ Because you know, it’s Valentine’s Day, and on Valentine’s Day you tell the truth. 😉

Lots of love,

XX, Angie