Summer 2015 stop #3: Spain

So right after my 12-hour-stay in Milano (but basically straight out of CdM) I made my way to Spain.

First stop: Malaga/Isa

Mainly due to the fact that Isa was actually busy organizing her move to the UK (!!!) while I kind of uninvitedly crashed over and also because I’ve been to this lovely and orange city before, my stay here mostly consisted of ice cream (very lovely on top of the hill, in the middle of the night, with very nice acquaintances); a little dash of hipster-ism (speaking smoothies at the Ultimo Mono and an Obey exhibition); some moral support for various office-runs, hair-cutting-appointments and good-bye parties; pizza, beer, sunshine and – you guessed it – battery-recharging after CinemadaMare. (And may I at this point just briefly draw your attention to the fact that until now this is only the second sentence in the paragraph? You should hear me speak in real life! 😛 )
Although CdM is an absolutely amazing, brilliant and wonderful experience, it is actually quite exhausting. So I don’t lie if I count my stay in Malaga as my actual summer holiday. In the sense of unwind, relax, do nothing, eat and swim. And I did that very well!


Second stop: Barcelona/Ivet

Well, this stop was a little different. As I’ve never been to beautiful Barcelona before, Ivet and me equally distributed our time between her sofa (gossiping exchanging social information), various cute cafés (for merienda: café cortado and sweets) or cool bars (for cana y tapa) and walking trough the colourful city. With Ivet taking her role as tourist guide very serious, we managed to see all the major sights of the city in no less than three days!
Out of everything we saw and did – Placa Catalunya, el Gotic (cathedral), La Rambla (shopping street), Barceloneta (the port), proper tapas dinner, Placa Espana, Museo Nacional de Catalunya, Ciutat Vella (old city), pinxos y cerveza Moritz, Parc de Ciutadellla (so beautiful!), Arc de Triumph., Sagrada Familia and Park Güell – the Sagrada Familia is probably my favorite. I know that’s quite cliché, but it was just overwhelming! I’ve never seen a more colourful and yet pure place!
And what can I say? I’m in love! Barcelona is so colourful and vibrant! Full of positive energy and still very peaceful.

Here, have some of the colours:



I can’t wait to come back here with my sister one day!  I am sure, she’ll love it! 🙂

muchos besitos a todos, Angie