Birthday Weekend à la Romana

It was my birthday last Friday and it started with lovely phone calls, a colourful surprise from my amazing conquilina on the kitchen table and a nice Cappuccino and cornetto breakfast before spending all morning at uni.
When I finally came back home in the afternoon, the doorbell rang and with “c’é il fioraio” a massive colourful bunch of flowers got delivered to my door! Seriously, I only know this kind of things from the movies! Anyway, I had to go out to buy an adequate vase, as my little sunflower vase couldn’t handle this blooming monstrosity.
We went out for dinner to “A Remo”, apparently a very famous through and through Roman Pizzeria, where you have to queue to get a table, the waiters shout over the heads of the customers and carry as many as seven pizzas at once and no one speaks a word of English ^^ Giorgio made me try Puntarelle (a weird vegetable, veeery typical in Rome), Augusto shared his Supplí with me, Sabrina had me try the Mozzarella di Buffala on her pizza, I stole some fiori di zucca from Claudio and I actually ordered a Cappricciosa for myself. And even though all this food was more than enough we had some ice cream and a walk in Trastevere for dessert, it was warm like in a summer’s night. 🙂

On Saturday afternoon I went out with Peppe and his friends. We did the whole touristic tour from Campo dei fiori, up to la Lupa Capitolina, around the Colosseo, on to Piazza Navona and then the Spanish Steps. We took stupid tourist pictures and I had some lessons in Sicilian.

On Sunday was super sunny as well but I had a very quite day. I went for a walk in the morning and then employed most of the afternoon into making little Apple Crostats – like the apple pie my grandma makes, but in Italian shape.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I might say I had a very lovely and very Roman birthday weekend 😀

Another year older:

XX, Angie