Getting ready for our summer in Italy and at the same time packing everything up as we’re moving out of our current flat, it seemed only logical that for my last bake in this kitchen I’d choose a recipe out of the Academia Barilla cook book that Andrea gave me ages ago.

I chose to try to bake some crunchy and tasty Cantuccini. And while doing so, I had the epiphany that “biscotti” in Italian means literally “twice cooked” – just what you do with Cantuccini!

Here are some pictures of my results:


I almost don’t dare say it, but I am so pleased with myself! And even Gonzo and Andrea confirmed that they taste like to little biscuits that you’d get in Italy with your coffee! 😀

I guess that can mean only one thing: I’m ready to go to Italy!

Tanti baci, Angie

48 hours in Milano

So my boyfriend is a little crazy, did you hear? When Gonzo found out that he is free all weekend, he immediately planned to get away somewhere! The choices were Edinburgh or Milano, but well, we don’t have friends to visit in Edinburgh, so… 😉

So we booked a blitz-trip to beloved Milano and spent almost exactly 48 hours sipping caffé, catching up with gossip and “industry talk”, having aperitivo in Colonne, shopping for biscotti, riding the tram, saying “hi!” to Duomo, have proper pranzo di domenica cooked by a real Italian Mamma, with more caffé, strolling through Navigli and comic book shops, watching the X-Factor in Italian, reading mangas and being with all sorts of lovely people. ❤


Even though it was short, it felt so good to meet our Italian friends. Thanks everyone who came out to see us! And grazie mille casa Vitiello, for standing us! :*

É stato un piacere guys, see you soon!!

Tanti baci,