More tulips!

Today is Saturday. Today I had to get up at 6 am in order to get to university on time to write the Media Planning exam.

We had a written exam first and the prof corrected it straight away – and we had some caffè and cornetti breakfast in the meantime, discussing all the questions, possible answers and mistakes and getting each other nervous for the oral exam that was still to come… Then we were called in to do the oral part. I was rather nervous, but I ended up getting the highest mark (30 e lode). I am in fact rather proud of myself!

On the way home I decided to celebrate my success and the super sunny day with a bunch of tulips and some strawberries – classy.  😀


(The morning was really sunny and lovely, but it started raining the moment I came home – I guess that’s a sign to grab a book, hide under the blankest and just do nothing for the rest of the day. Maybe have some strawberries for merenda.)

Have a good weekend!

XX, Angie

A colourful parcel full of love and happiness and unicorns

Guess what arrived today?! A belated birthday present, directly from London – filled with all kind of colouful love and unicorns!
Thank you so much Isa! It made me really happy and while I opened it, I missed you a lot. I hope we can celebrate the next birthday together!

I cant wait to read the book, it looks like it gonna be perfect for early pre-Christmas evenings 🙂

XX, Angie

Weekend in Wonderland(s)

How many wonderlands can you fit in a day?

Yesterday I went to pick up Isa at the train station (after watching Halmey’s Christmas Toy Parade and freezing my toes off), and she took me to Wonderland #1: Skoob, a basement filled floor to ceiling with first editions, second hands, hand-me-downs and donated books. I loved it! When we entered, we stood at the first step of the stairs leading down to the shop for a moment, just to enjoy that smell of books. I behaved really well, and in the end I only got four books – but we had to skip our usual “tea & gossip” session because I just couldn’t tear myself away.


We almost arrived late at the British Library, where Wonderland #2 is set. (Because we found another bookshop on the way…) Juanma and Diego joined us and together we visited the exhibition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
It was really well made, showing the history of the story and how it influences pop culture ever since. I really loved the original manuscripts being showcased and how the exhibition design took a twist on classic Alice representations. Of course the colourful pop-up Alice in Wonderland shop was one of the highlights and selfie with the heroine herself couldn’t go amiss!


And what can I say? As it’s late November in London, there is obviously only one destination for Wonderland #3: Hyde Park!
We made our way to Winter Wonderland where we had mulled wine (not as good as my home-made one, of course!), Pretzels and a big helping of Christmas joy. Isa and Diego took a ride in a thing called “Hangover”, and we all got our heads dizzy in a spinning barrel.
“It’s like Feria, but frozen.”- Juanma.


When I came home, I was absolutely wasted. Wonderlands are fun, but very exhausting! Which leads me to Wonderland #4: with pillows and a blanket! 😉

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

XX, Angie