Roman Advent Adventures

Even being far from home, I try to maintain Austrian christmas and advent traditions, such as making an Adventkranz (advent wreath) and baking cookies.

For the past couple of years I successfully managed to create a round construct with four candles at all the flats I’ve lived in – and had to explain it’s meaning and purpose more than once.
This year though I decided to wouldn’t make one – mainly for the more practical reason that our flat is rather small and honestly there’s no space to put a “space-occupying candle-stuffed” object other than the kitchen table, which in fact is already overloaded with stuff that doesn’t necessarily belong on a kitchen table. So you get my point, right? Also, I’m gonna spend one weekend of advent in Sicily and on the 22nd I’ll depart to Austria anyway… So I figured I would be better this way.
KerzenII.jpgBut I actally really miss it! :/ I miss the peacefulness that lies in lighting a candle every Sunday until Christmas and I realized that I like having an Adventkranz around, as kind of a visual reminder that it’s advent and that actually you are supposed to calm down your crazy life, which we mostly forget these days to be honest.

Well, as I couldn’t do without any candles at all, I got this nifty advent-calendar-candle as a substitute, and some really amazing christmassy scented candles from Muji – so at least I’ll be lighting candles. And next year there’s gonna be an advent wreath, no matter where I’ll be or the conditions of the flat, I promise!

I hope you have a clam and peaceful advent!

XX, Angie

The great GERSBY

It has almost become a tradition by now: changing flat automatically means a trip to Ikea for me. So when I moved into my lovely, light, spacious room in Rome the only logical next step was a trip to Ikea!
For me Ikea means new things for a cozy home, it’s a place I only have happy memories about. I know, I totally buy their marketing concept – but it works.

I planned the trip for the whole week, changed the layout of the furniture in my room, took measures, discussed possible furniture combinations with my mum via Skype and wrote a very elaborate list.
And today the day finally arrived! Needless to say that I was very excited! I met up with a friend of mine and together we tackled the furniture shopping, but only after gathering strength with a prober Swedish-Italian breakfast: cinnamon buns and Cappuccino.

I have to say that I am very proud of us. We almost only got the things that were already on my list – and everything else simply deemed to absolutely necessary. Such as cute bedsheets, a manual eggbeater and embellished cups (candles were on the list!)

I guess after the many trips to Ikea I did in the last couple of years, it was only a question of time to move it to the next level: and so we took home all my acquisitions by tube! Augusto, the lifesaver, carried the GERSBY and I employed all my limbs to move along the rest of the stuff  😉


Everything is done now. The bookshelf is built, the new candle is lit and I’m enjoying a cup of tea in my new mug. My room is now graced by the presence of a beautiful white GERSBY, a MARIUS and a couple of PINGLA. Benvenuti!

XX, Angie the Ikea-expert 💪