City of Stars – La La Land in concert

Yesterday me and some friends went to see Tess & the Yellow Cabbies, a jazz band that played the most famous numbers from the soundtrack of La La Land.
The five-man band consisted of piano, contrabass, drums, trumpet and saxophone/flute plus the singer, who was American, but made all her announcements in a sweet Italian with a very strong accent and declared her love for Italy and La La Land more than once.

The show was great! I love the soundtrack and hearing it live made it even better! They did some very nice improvisations (just like the character of Seb explains in the film: they are the heart and soul of jazz) and when Tess and the piano player sang the slow duet “City of Stars”, the whole audience sang along.


The evening was supposed to end with a Swing dance party, but we soon discovered that the DJ who took over, didn’t take that very seriously. After some swing-ish songs, he shifted toward Elvis, Little Richard, Buddy Holly and eventually The Beatles.
I certainly did not complain and we sang along and danced until we couldn’t feel our feet! 🙂

Here’s to the dreamers,
XX, Angie


Boyband: check!

It’s mid-June. And now tell me, is there any better time to redeem Christmas presents, that exactly halfway between two Christmases? 😉 That’s what Kathi thought as well (probably).

Ok, let me fill you in about the details, because I feel you won’t understand much if I keep rambling on about Christmas in June and so forth. 😛
So my lovely little sister gave me concert tickets for One Direction last December and now the date of the concert finally came!! I was sooo excited, as I haven’t been to a concert in ages. I took the plane to Austria last Tuesday and on Wednesday Kathi and me went to Vienna to see the show.

One Direction is kind of a thing between me and Kathi. We somehow always made fun of all the fangirls, but we also liked to listen to them when we lived together in London. And yes, their music might not be the most original ever and their lyrics not very meaningful, but hey! It’s very nice and easy listening. And although we agreed to watch the concert with detachment and laugh about the crazy fans, we ended up cheering when they entered the stage and singing, clapping and dancing along. But we did’t faint – like many other girls actually did. But I suppose not all of it was due to Harry’s sparkling eyes and at least partially fault of the heat and the long queues at the entrance.

So we went to see 1D, so what? Almost all of my friends who knew made fun of me beforehand, but guess what? It was really entertaining!
The show on stage was good and I really enjoyed all the animations on the big screens. And apart from these obvious parts, simple things as watching tortured parents waiting with their kids and girls falling into frenzy because Niall said “Dankeschön” in German were very funny.

But what I enjoyed most, was that I was there with my little sister! I really miss her and we don’t always have as much contact as we’d like to, for the simple reason that we both have our lives to get on with 😛 So spending an entire day just with her, beginning with the long train ride to Vienna, the queuing and waiting, and finally the concert itself was a real blessing for me! 🙂

Danke, kleiner Stern!

XX, Angie

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