Sunshine in a cookie

As you know, I make a point of buying vegetables and fruit at the market not far from where I live. On the one hand it’s a really good excuse to go out and get a break from studying, but on the other hand I really have to speak to people. I remember from my Erasmus days when we were taught how to ask for “2 etti di prosciutto” or “mezzo chilo di patate” in the Italian language course – but we never got to actually use it, as in most supermarkets you just grab your stuff and pay. At most they ask you if you want a carrier bag.

Anyway, I like going to the market. Especially on sunny days like today. I bought the most gorgeous Sicilian blood oranges and when I came home I exactly knew what I’d do with them: Orange-Chocolate-Sunshine-Cookies!

I baked the whole afternoon and the flat smelt amazing! And when I eventually got back to my desk (after all there’s some nasty exams waiting for me) I had some very sweet company!

Sweet sunshine kisses,


Roman Advent Adventures: Gingerbread

I made gingerbread! For the very first time actually and I am really quite proud: I precisely followed the instructions of the recipe of my grandmother and I have to say that they turned out amazing! The whole flat smells like Christmas and the gingerbread tastes like home.  ❤

Funnily gingerbread is not a known thing in Italy. Some know gingerbread men from american movies or the gingerbread house from fairytales. But most are completely oblivious to it; just like my flatmate who had no idea what I was talking about when I told her about my baking plans for the weekend and who never tasted gingerbread in her life – but when she did, her eyes widened and she said “but… it’s like christmas to eat!”

I prepared the dough on Friday evening and spent all Saturday afternoon making and baking the actual cookies. And that’s the result:

I wish you could smell my flat right now!
(another grandma-level unlocked!)

XX, a very proud Angie

New flat? – New oven!

One thing that comes inevitably with a new flat is: a new oven! And that obviously asks for a test!

Being inspired by a very fancy merenda the other day at Eataly, I decided to try Baci di dama, for the first bake at my Roman home.
I consulted my very handy Accademia Barilla cook book and that’s the result:


Baci di dama are basically shortbread cookies with almonds and orange zest, glued together with chocolate, or in my case with a mix of chocolate and Nutella 😉

Yes, I am quite satisfies with the performance of the oven… And the baci as well!

Baci di austriaca,


Me wants cookies!

Today we had to dress up for work – as video game characters! But hey, I did my homework: Atari 1983: Cookie Monster Munch. Oh yeah! 😉

And what would the Cookie Monster be without a bunch of amazing freshly baked chocolate chip-marshmallow-cookies? Hehehe!

IMG_1983.jpg  IMG_1980_II.jpg

Well, needless to say that I didn’t win the first prize in the costume competition. But I daresay I got an extra point for motivation and the best (and most tasty) accessories!

XX, Angie