¡Encantada, Galicia!

After my really long holidays back home I didn’t go straight back to Rome. Gonzo came from Kuwait and we met in his hometown, La Coruña.

I was so happy to finally get to know “his” city. After all, I’ve only heard about it and he showed me pictures, of course, but seeing it in real life was quite impressive too. Since we’re together, Gonzo has been to Austria a couple of times, but I’ve never been to Spain with him – and it made me even more excited!

I finally got to see where he grew up, I finally was able to fill all the stories he told me with images and place. I discovered that he can hear the ocean from his bedroom window.

La Coruña is beautiful – I fell in love! We spent a couple of days there and Gonzo showed me around the lovely, intricate, little city, knowing it like the back of his hand. We had tortilla and tapas and churros and sweets with angel’s hair. We went to the Celtic museum  and I took a lot of touristy pictures. We had sunshine and classic Galician rain (“like it mostly is”). One day we even went to Santiago where Gonzo showed me where he used to live as a student and told me many stories. And I finally got to see the famous Hercules Tower. 🙂

It was only a short stay, but enough to make me fall for it. The stone houses and narrow streets remind me of Edinburgh, and the Students in Santiago made me think of Salzburg. But then again, it’s something completely different all together; theres the ocean and the beach and the little verandas to keep the houses warm and cortado and lovely people  and it makes me want to come back soon.

XX, Angie