48 hours in Milano

So my boyfriend is a little crazy, did you hear? When Gonzo found out that he is free all weekend, he immediately planned to get away somewhere! The choices were Edinburgh or Milano, but well, we don’t have friends to visit in Edinburgh, so… 😉

So we booked a blitz-trip to beloved Milano and spent almost exactly 48 hours sipping caffé, catching up with gossip and “industry talk”, having aperitivo in Colonne, shopping for biscotti, riding the tram, saying “hi!” to Duomo, have proper pranzo di domenica cooked by a real Italian Mamma, with more caffé, strolling through Navigli and comic book shops, watching the X-Factor in Italian, reading mangas and being with all sorts of lovely people. ❤


Even though it was short, it felt so good to meet our Italian friends. Thanks everyone who came out to see us! And grazie mille casa Vitiello, for standing us! :*

É stato un piacere guys, see you soon!!

Tanti baci,

Summer 2015 stop #4: Italy (again!)

After some crazy busy and colourful days in Malaga and Barcelona, I went back to Italy; prossima fermata, next stop: Milano (again).

Well, when I came to see the Expo about a week before, I had absolutely no time to see the city, friends or even the Duomo. So I simply had to come back!
I haven’t been to my beloved Milano since I left about 2 years ago after a crazy year of Erasmus. I honestly think I spent some of the best time of my life in Milan and for that I am ever so grateful.
The city holds a lot of special memories for me, and so I guess you can imagine that I was really excited and emotional about coming back!

Just the fact of arriving in Milano Centrale, where over the year, I embarked onto so many journeys and taking the Metro worked like a time machine for me. It felt a little like coming home.
And what can I say? Although the stay was of course waaay to short, I had the most amazing time! Walking in streets and places that for me are so heavily coated with memories was a bit of a strange feeling at first. I felt somehow sad, because I don’t live there any more and that carefree and crazy period of studying abroad is over, and because all my friends are now scattered across the globe – but on the other hand I felt so happy being back, discovering what changed, what didn’t, having Aperitivo in the same places we used to and meeting with friends I haven’t seen in ages simply because we are all too busy with our lives. ❤


It was definitely about time to visit the Duomo, check on the gelateria della musica and discover the new part of Navigli. I feel like I couldn’t have made a better chioce for the final stop of my summer travels! 🙂

Grazie Peppe, for being there and hosting me in Casa Palermo, and for cooking amazing Carbonara! Ti aspetto a Londra! 😉

Grazie a tutti! Mi manchate un sacco!

XX, Angie

PS: looks like I’m gonna be back soon! 😉


Summer 2015 stop #2: EXPO

You have to know that seeing the Expo was on my to-do-list since I studied in Milano in 2013. They already launched the big marketing campaign and as part of that the flags of all the countries of the world were put up in the streets around the Duomo. I remember that we took lots of pictures and went in search of the flag of our countries.
And well, I can’t deny it: I am a very easy customer, these kind of things really work – so for me my time in Milano is very much connected with the anticipation of seeing the Expo. I might even say that finally getting to see it is somehow the (belated) cherry on top my Milano-Erasmus-experience.

Expo_Collage_IOk, so the day had finally arrived. Needless to say that I was super excited! I left CinemadaMare in Vercelli early in the morning and arrived in Milano around midday. Upon arrival I already had a massive Erasmus-flashback. After all, I haven’t been to my beloved Milano since I left about two years ago. ❤
I went to see the Expo all by myself and I have to say it was a very new and quite unique experience. I felt very free, as I could go wherever and do whatever I want, without consulting or discussing in group. Of course I misses the moments when you’d nudge your friend: “look there!” or “did you see that?”, but overall I really enjoyed it!

The theme of the Expo 2015 is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. It was structured in a way that the first pavilion you’d hit was the Pavilion Zero, where you see a general exhibition about the history and development of food processing, globalization and resources. Then you arrive on the main avenue, where the pavilions of the different nations are situated on the left and right.
I managed to see the pavilions of the Cocoa and Chocolate cluster (Cuba, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Camerun), the Coffee cluster (El Salvador, Kenya, Uganda, Dominican Republic), China, UK, Holland, Spain, Austria, USA, Turkey, Russia, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Hungary, Argentina, the Spices cluster, Lithuania, Korea, Belgium, Nepal, Vietnam and Ecuador.


Some pavilions focused more on traditional exhibition (especially the smaller ones),some had creative technical gems or interactive features in their presentation and And Austria – oh well, Austria 🙂 The Austrian pavilion drew a little away from the main topic and highlighted the most important form of nourishment: air. To do so, they built a whole forest inside the pavilion. And with forest I mean proper forest: trees, moss, stones, leaves, that fresh and cool forest smell. When I entered all of a sudden I became super home sick. It’s funny, because I am never that home sick. I do miss home, but it usually never overcomes me so suddenly. But as I stood there, on what seemed home soil, breathing “home air” I just started to cry. It was a good feeling though. But I realized how much I miss home, mountains and nature sometimes.
All the pavilions were simply stunning! As mentioned before, the overall topic was food and nutrition, but every pavilion interpreted it differently. Some focused more on their country’s history, traditions and specialties, whereas others presented artwo
rk or scientific research.
Overall I think the biggest and most impressive trick I saw in many of the pavilions and was used in very many creative ways, was definitely projection mapping. Although I know how it works it simply blows my mind and for me it feels like a magic trick!

Of course all the pavilions had small cafes or restaurants on their site, offering traditional food. Funnily I spent most of the day hungry though, as I just couldn’t decide where to eat. I was always on the look-out for something even more exotic, so eventually I was absolutely starving and just had the next best thing: dutch meat balls. 😉

I am so happy that I finally went to see the Expo! Also, afterspending my summer with people from all over the world, like Russia, Indonesia, Kenya and Tanzania, knowing little or nothing about their countries, it just seemed the perfect cherry on top: travel around the world in 8 hours. 🙂 ❤

XX, Angie