Brownie and Apfelstrudel

Today I spent my morning baking amazing cinnamon super-chocolate brownie, to defeat the nasty winter weather. But the coulds couldn’t demoralize us, and so Isa and me decided to extend our popular series Explore London. The choice of the day was Angel, an area a bit north of the centre.
The tube station let us out on a rather busy high street, but just a couple of corners away we found Camden passage, a quite back road, with cobblestone and brick buildings.

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We had a nice walk, looked into odd shop windows, took pictures of colourful houses and imagined living next to one of the many tapas restaurants in this very hipster part of town. Eventually we sought shelter from the beginning drizzle in an Austrian café, Kipferl. Isa had a Betzel with butter and I devoured a proper Apfelstrudel with whipped cream and a Melange coffee! It’s the little things that make me happy!  🙂

XX, Angie