when the park says spring but the calendar says winter…

So I basically caught the obligatory mid-winter cold  – and that means that over the last couple of days I was hibernating at home; in my pyjamas, reading Dune, eating more or less healthy (Ben & Jerry’s has looots of vitamins, I’m sure!). And even though Gonzo took real good care of me, made sure I always had an extra blanket, cooked for me and watched silly musicals with me, today I was so sick of being sick!

I’m not very patient and I just had to get my head into some fresh air for a bit.


I admit it wasn’t even sunny or nearly friendly weather outside, and actually it just stopped raining about an hour ago, but the park across the street basically screamed my name and I couldn’t pretend not to hear. So I went for a lovely Sunday walk in the park ❤
It had 14 degrees today, the birds were chirping and some trees even started to bloom already. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the grey clouds and my calendar telling me it’s actually January, I’d get spring fever right away!

XX, Angie

PS: this song has been stuck in my ear the whole day. I kinda feel it goes with my mood today.