Christmas couldn’t possibly have come and gone without a Christmas dinner for the flat and as (for some miraculous reason) we all were off yesterday evening, we held a very Spanish dinner party – with a little Austrian twist!

Our kitchen was busy since the early afternoon with everyone preparing their course for the massive dinner we had planned. And while the guys did the cooking we moved tables and chairs to the living room and prepared a festive table.

As you know the Spanish-Austrian ratio in our flat is 5:1, and that was perfectly mirrored in the menu:

  • Canapés and Gazpacho as starters
  • Croquetas and lots of Langustines in garlic and parsley
  • Black rice with aioli and fried Calamari
    and for dessert:
  • Baked apples, gingerbread and cookies and mulled wine 😉

We definitely had enough to feed a roman legion, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. What a Christmas dinner would it be, it there weren’t enough left-overs to live of for the rest of the week?

And even though we almost died in food coma, we had fun revealing the Secret Santa presents (thanks for the lovely tea pot!!), took lots of pictures, played games and cracked loads of Christmas crackers!


It was such a nice and relaxed, little bit chaotic, very festive and lovely evening!
Thanks so much chicos! 🙂

XX, Angie