Off to new shores!

After spending all Sunday (actually the whole last week, to be honest) cleaning and emptying our flat, Gonzo and me said good-bye to our lovely sun-flooded, memory-filled room in London and left super early today and spent the night at Luton airport, watching Netflix and trying to sleep in the luggage hall.

When we finally took the plane at 7:00 in the morning, I still didn’t realized fully that we’d never get back to that flat, that we sent everything but our summer-suitcases home and are in fact completely “disrooted”.


After a delayed flight, several hours killed in a little café near Napoli Central Station because of a missed train connection and another delayed train, we are currently riding trough Italian landscapes waiting to join our friends and CinemadaMare in Maratea, a beautiful seaside-village, ready to get a tan, have caffé and cornetti every morning and shoot short movies.
We are loaded with ideas, equipment and expectations for our summer.


What comes after? We’re up for a surprise – let’s see where we’ll land in autumn.

Off to new shores!

Tanti baci, Angie

12:03 from Paddington

Last Sunday Gonzo and me took a break from looking for flats, working all week, the hustle and the noise – in short: from London.
We took the train at 12:03 from Paddington and spent a lovely afternoon in Oxford. 😀

Oxford CollageOxford is a cute little town – not too far from London actually; it took us only about one and a half hours to get there.
It seemed to me the city is entirely constructed in beige freestone. The buildings look old, serious and impressive, just as you’d expect from a city known for its Colleges and Universities. And the streets are full of cute little shops and cafes.

Apparently JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter in Oxford – and I have to say, seeing the enchanting streets, winding alleys and old Universities, all of a sudden the Harry Potter Universe doesn’t seem such a flash of genius to me. But considering that also JRR Tolkein and CS  Lewis wrote in Oxford, one certainly can’t deny the power of the city to inspire magical stories – and make authors shorten their first names to their initials.

As for us, we just got lost in the town center and strolled through the Covered Market, walked past Christ Church Cathedral and the Botanic Garden. Further we saw the Radcliffe Camera (a famous library apparently) and visited the Divinity hall at the Bodleian library, where scenes of Harry Potter were shot.
Out of the library we went straight into Blackwell’s Bookshop, where we spent ages rummaging around and looking at all the books we didn’t buy in the end. But it doesn’t matter, as I really enjoy looking around, reading cover texts and just get lost amongst books. Gonzo got me The Unbearable Lightness of Being, as he thinks I’ll really enjoy it (- I started reading it on the train back). We found out later, that Blackwell’s claims to be the biggest bookshop in Europe – but we got stuck at the ground floor, so we can’t really tell 😉

We had amazing burgers for dinner and headed back to London on the 19:55 train; where we saw Oxford Murders as a perfect finish for the day.

XX, Angie

(Wingardium Leviosa!)